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Typical or Not... Way Too Much Going On Here!

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If you can't tolerate the entire video then I say skip to the end as you're missing the point.


This is a scenario you could easily find yourself in, how will you handle it?


Will you totally ignore the person with the camera phone or will you get in there face. There is an in between, however I know plenty of old school tow ops that would want to push the person out of the way if in their way. The person would then want to sue, might even pretend to fall. That's a PayDay for them, don't be the victim.


To tell me I can walk around is going to bring out a fury for their camera. Walk around, yeah right! Are You In A Stand Your Ground State?

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Thanks for sharing this video Ron … what a great training video for cops and tow operators. This goober is what’s wrong with today’s world.  It’s clear to me that the icing on his Lorna Doone has fallen clean off his cookie. It’s also clear he’s trying to bait the officers and towers into some reaction as Ron suggests, “Looking for pay-day”. He’s in a public place, he’s making antagonistic comments, and he knows what he’s doing … its totally obvious. He’s nothing more than a rude, sexist, racist, cop hater that taunts’ his prey with unsophisticated and cowardly ways. He’s pushing the proverbial envelope trying to induce heated comments or physical reaction.


In the grand scheme of street-policing, I personally believe a subject’s unwe;comed bout of name-calling shouldn’t be the basis of an arrestable offense. I salute these officers for their ability to limit interaction with this fool and basically ignore him … the same goes for the tow operator. Simply ignore and walk-away. To react in a physical manner means Mr. Goober was successful in pulling you into his web. It makes no sense to being arrested as an aggressor. Sure, it would be really, satisfying to have-a-go with this idiot, but, the minute you react with aggression, he wins.


When it comes to dealing with these personalities, I have four personal rules:

  • Ignore, ignore, ignore
  • If they’re not involved, limit ALL contact with them
  • I won’t let them bait me into arguments, opinions … anything
  • I don’t negotiate with maggots.

While California has a penal code section that this citizen could be arrested for interfering with an investigation, I see this guy’s only crime as him being, “Stupid in Public”. Unfortunately, he’ll be this way his entire life. The reality of it all suggests, while you like it or not, these kinds of interactions ARE the new norm … and I hate that statement. It’s best to gain a thicker-layer of skin; as for every fool like this guy, there are thousands-more hiding in the cracks.         R.

Randall C. Resch

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The ACLU has made it possible for these types to taunt & harass police officers as they preform their duties. The officers could find a reason to arrest a subject such as this but when the courts will not back them. It isn't worth it. So, just ignore them and they finally move on and that may be a reason he didn't go after the female tow truck driver. Also, I feel he was intimated with her from the get go.


Now I have shared this video on a FB page. The Drivers on that page and here are the comments I got before the topic fell down the page.


Why? Why did you share this disaster of a person harassing people?


If a chain accidentally gets away from me and somehow gets close to him then oops.
I would not make contact with him purely for the fact that it is clear that he is itching to sue somebody. That somebody will not be me. Therefore no contact, but a really close call.
This is a waste of time watching this video some idiot harassing the cops and motorists have a traffic collision
I couldn't even finish video! The PUTZ holding camera was looking to start shit!
Ridiculous, guy was only there to get hit and have someone arrested for it. All those people are saints for not hitting that guy.
My Reply to these comment can be found in my last reply above. I just want to educate those in the industry before they are placed in a situation such as this where the driver was visually disturbed. I would have likely to have been there to run block. Sadly that is what it will take in some cases as this, where two drivers tag team. One runs block while the other completes there hook up. I have a 5 foot rule, 6 foot during covid. come into my space and you get a warning, I have never had to give more than 3 warnings generally the first is all it takes. It's years of experience, I want to pass that knowledge along and most drivers don't care. Companies don't care, will they care when their driver doesn't know how to respond or not respond?
Topics have a longer life on a message board. May the TowForce be with you.
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A Lack of Mental Wellness is a HUGE Problem. Officers often do not have anyplace to take the mentally ill who are a danger to themselves and society. Back in the 60's and 70's these facilities were well funded. In the 80's & 90's the funding was limited and those in society were told it was wrong to commit these citizens. The result is they ended up on the streets or in a domestic situation they are incapable of coping with...

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This bozo with the camera is simply looking to pick a fight with anyone he can get a rise out of. Why are you even there??  He appears to be one of those "I am holier than thou" asshats. From the moment he interacted with the first officer I knew this guy was an a$$hole.

 Probably still lives in mommys basement and plays dungeons and dragons in his tighty whiteys while eating fluff right out of the container.. 


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