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Customer Struck - 09.11.20 (OH)


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Two men died in East Akron this weekend in separate traffic accidents.


One involving a Tow Truck. (Article has been edited down to one story)


A 60-year-old man was struck Saturday evening while standing beside his pickup truck, which had broken down on a ramp.


Akron Police Lt. Michael Miller said the 60-year-old man had called a tow truck for assistance after his disabled 2008 Dodge Ram truck came to a stop on the shoulder of the downhill ramp from East Wilbeth Road to I-77 North. With the flatbed tow truck on scene just before 11 p.m., Miller said the “victim was standing alongside the driver’s side of vehicle when another northbound vehicle swiped the truck, hitting the victim.”


The second vehicle fled the scene. The tow truck driver could not give a description. There’s no known surveillance footage of the crash, Miller said.


Police have collected debris from the collision, which will be analyzed to determine the make and model of the hit-skip vehicle and possibly track down the driver.



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My condolences to the Victim. This was certainly a PREVENTABLE incident..

This calls back into play that an operator MUST take control of his work zone. Secure your customers guys.. 

I have a feeling this is gonna turn into a real mess for the operator/tow company involved.

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This is a simple equation that's solved by asking a common question, "Is it reasonable or prudent to allow any person to walk or stand on any freeway or roadside area not intended for pedestrians?" If the customer wasn't cooperative, call LE and have them respond. At the very least, towers can't do their tow truck work while having to watch dangerous approaching traffic and babysit at the same time. I feel bad that the customer lost his life as Grumps mentioned ... this was preventable.       R.

Randall C. Resch

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I never allow the customer to stand or walk near the roadway. I always direct them away from traffic as soon as I arrive on scene and our drivers are taught to do the same for everyone's safety. There had to be a breakdown in standard precautions someplace. Obviously we do not have all the details and we may never have them. Everyone reading this should go over this with your drivers NOW. Do Not Wait...

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NO Customers near the roadway period. Everyone here knows that upon arrival not only is their safety a priority, but the customers as well. It's almost like you have to be a parent and direct the children. The customers are not always making good decisions as they are focused on their vehicle. If both driver and customer are focused on the vehicle and not aware of their surroundings bad things can happen quickly.

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