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  1. No other manufacturer in the world would want you to do this to their bags. Why, because they can't take this kind of abuse! Matjack Airbags "Simply the Very Best"
  2. Matjack, now offers you a economical/simple solution to scene communication. Military spec, simple to use, nothing but the headsets needed to communicate with one another . Endless expansion. Range up to 9500 feet. Weatherproof. Available with and without Bluetooth capability.
  3. Getting it done today. - - - - - - - Thought's . . . . . . . . . ?
  4. What Makes Matjack the #1 Choice for the Rescue/Recovery Technician? Can your airbag be slammed into place with a hammer when it counts? Pics of a fully overloaded tanker lift. I've actually done the job. Most of the time, a airbag does not simply get into the spot you need it. Matjack bags, are so tuff you can place cribbing against the bag and slam away with a sledge hammer to get into position for a lift. The other guys don't want you to see this, because they have nothing....... 5 year warranty Give your dealer a call or call Scooby if you have any questions.... or need more pics. Matjack, simply the best
  5. While Scooby's training trailer was at the factory, his 15 year old 32 and 22 high pressure bags were replaced. They have been with Scooby since we started the factory training curriculum some 15 years ago. They will find refuge in his office. They have served us well, with 15 years of hard service. A testament to the quality and durability of the Matjack brand. @Scooby
  6. 2019 Matjack factory team for the spring session has ended. Thanks to all that participated. Jeff Martin, Howard "scooby" Eagan, Jamie Dougherty, Bruce Pedigo, Dale McLaughlin, Matt Bartlett. #matjackspring2019
  7. 8 am start to beat the weather. Learning a little rescue lifts utilizing high pressure bags and struts. #matjackspring2019
  8. We would like to thank Bruce and Christie Pedigo for bringing their new 75 ton tator to help with the class this weekend. I'm sure papa Joe was smiling down from the heavens today.
  9. Full house for #matjackspring2019 Classroom is all done. Off to the field in the morning for some serious lifting 9am start in the field at #matjackspring2019
  10. Are you reaaaddddyy to rummmbble!!! T minus 6 hours and counting. Official hash tag for class posts will be #matjackspring2019 It's raining trailers at the factory. The training trailer, the factory show trailer, and our other show trailer all getting ready. We got the class this weekend, than both the FDIC show and Florida towshow next week.
  11. The following pics sent in by Vaughn Gobel from a wreck that Gobel's towing and C and C Towing out of Ohio worked together the other night. Winch the casualty to where you need it, bag it. no offloading in a muddy ditch. Work smarter and not harder.
  12. I'm here too, so I can answer questions or help with applications, but Scooby is always on here so cushions are our bread and butter. Thanks John Sweezy
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