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  1. It is with a heavy heart that we say "We will see you later" to a legend in our industry, an icon, leader, mentor, a hell of a tow'r and a wonderful friend Mr. Joe Kolodziej. Founder, owner and a man who wore the many hats of Joe's Towing Largo, FL. Joe passed away Monday February 22nd. My heartfelt condolences to his loving wife Priscilla Kolodziej ,his son JR, daughter Jackie Kolodziej Riley and all the many grandchildren that he so adored, the team players of Joe's Towing and co
  2. When: Saturday, Feb 13, 2021, at 5 p.m. — 9 p.m. (approximate) Where: The east (driving from Pinellas County to Tampa) end of the Howard Franklin bridge (I-275) What: We are gathering for a “Light-Up” in honor of Roger Perez-Borroto This is the 5th anniversary of Roger Perez-Borroto being hit and killed in the line of duty while loading a vehicle. He was struck by a hit-and-run driver. There will be plenty of traffic for a visual. For those coming from Hillsbrough County, Tampa area, go south (some call it west) you will have to cross the bridge and
  3. ********** TOWING MEETING INVITATION ********** This is Ginger Darling owner/operator of Nationwide Towing in Palm Harbor, Fl. I am the newly elected Area Chairman for Pinellas County for PWOF (Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida), your state towing association. I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ALL OF YOU TO OUR NEXT MEETING, THURSDAY- OCTOBER 29, 2020 at 7 PM, "doors open at 6 PM". This will be a multi-county meeting for Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando and Pinellas counties. WHATS HAPPENING ; PWOF MULTI -COUNTY MEETING HILLSBOROUGH, PASCO, HERNANDO & PINELLAS COUNTIES
  4. IN HONOR OF HIS BIRTHDAY AND HIS SISTER ZARAIS COMING TO HIS MEMORIAL FOR THE 1ST TIME. This Saturday August 29, (2 PM-4 PM) is Roger Perez-Borroto’s Birthday (Tow Op killed on the Howard Franklin Bridge February 15, 2016 , he was the 1st of 3 in Hillsborough County that year). We will be holding a Light-Up & Birthday Gathering starting at 2 PM at his memorial site, which is on the Tampa side (coming from Pinellas County) of the Howard Franklin Bridge. Zarais his sister (from Miami) and his brother George we would be happy for you all to be ther
  5. CONGRATULATIONS CLARISSA!!!!!! You are a amazing person, i so enjoy talking to you and keep up all of the great stuff you do for us towr's. one of these days soo we will get the "outa of a tow truck uniform attire" article done !!!!!!!
  6. hello ya'all, still hanging in here, business dropped about 85% slowly starting to increase since the stay at home order was lifted 2ish weeks ago. getting other things done size L please if i am lucky !!! TAKE CARE & BE SAFE, ginger
  7. Randall, I do agree with wearing a seatbelt 100%, I do advocate it as well, because more often than not, the usage does save lives and it is the law. AND YES I WEAR MY ALL THE TIME. BUT I was thinking about a tow operator friend of mine who was hit by a rock hauler while in his tow truck, about 35 years ago and had he had his seatbelt on he would not have survived the impact. Instead he was thrown over to the passenger side and yes hit his head severely and was in a coma (i don't remember if it was doctor induced or not) but by the grace of God the swelling of his brain reduced and h
  8. My heartfelt condolences to Jason and his family, friends, Sunstate/B & D Towing and coworkers. I am working on the details for a Tow Truck Funeral Procession and should have some more info hopefully by Wednesday. Please everyone be safe, try to remember to wear your seatbelt (sometimes they don't help BUT..) and if you have any questions call me at 727-444-3911 or text to 727-410-4911. Ginger @ Nationwide Towing Palm Harbor, Fl
  9. Because of the heartbreaking accident this past Sunday February 9th where a drunk driver hit and killed Shawna Smith, a beloved and highly respected towing dispatcher --a member of our brotherhood who keeps tow ops going from point A to point B and then some -- at Professional Towing in Tampa, Fl. Out of respect to her family, the light-up for our tow brother Roger Perez-Borroto has been postponed from Saturday night February 15th to Sunday February 16th. We want to give her family, friends, coworkers and so many people who loved her the respect and the time to celebrate her life.
  10. Hello everyone, This past Tuesday February 4, 2020 a bright light went from shining locally in the Spring Hill area of Florida to shining greatly from above. "POP" Mr. Bill Whitey (the father of John Sieber aka "Johnnyboy" of Tow 2 Tow Towing in Spring Hill, Florida) passed away. Pop was in the towing industry for 60 years, mostly in the Long Island area of New York. In the 1990s he had the largest truck anywhere around and probably even further. Johnny, family, and the crew of Tow 2 Tow Towing are heartbroken. Something we all understand and are when we lose a loved
  11. FUNERAL & TOW TRUCK PROCESSION FOR KEITH KEIRSTEAD DECEMBER 8, 2019 GRAVESIDE SERVICE @ 1 MEMORIAL PARK FUNERAL HOME 5750 49TH ST ST. PETERSBURG, FL We lost a GREAT MAN AND FELLOW TOW BROTHER November 23, 2019. While towing a car Keith passed away of natural causes and did a HELL OF A JOB keeping the tow truck and car out of harms way. The funeral will be held December 8, 2019 starting at 1 PM. This will be a graveside service; there are, at Keith’s wishes, no visitation services. We will be having a procession to honor our brother which will leave after the servic
  12. It is with a heavy heart that I, on behalf of the family, have been asked to inform our towing family and friends of the unexpected and sudden passing of Keith Keirstead, of L & J Towing, Pinellas Park Florida. Keith passed away the morning of November 23rd 2019, while towing a car from a police call as a result of a medical emergency, butin Pinellas Park. Services are pending, we will have a tow truck procession--any questions please call Ginger S Darling Nationwide Towing 727-444-3911.
  13. This coming Friday February 15th will be the 3rd anniversary of the senseless killing of our fellow tow operator Rodger Perez Borroto. Thank you to the Hillsborough County judicial system can a charge that listened and carefully weighed her decision Rogers killer sits in jail for 28 years in addition to the 2 already served, equals 30 years. Because Rogers anniversary falls on a Friday and that's kind of tough for all of us I'm going to do a light up on the Howard Franklin bridge just east of the end of the bridge where Rogers memorial sign is, this coming Sunday February 17th. I will
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