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Re: Carriers: A Solid Winch Platform

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There were 14x drivers in this weekend's CHP Safety Course. In the rollover module for carriers, one tower set the carrier with the deck not fully set on the ground. We had a great discussionas to why carriers need to have a solid platform before winching begins. As carriers are (said) not designed for extreme winching, setting the carrier's deck solidly atop the pavement helps to lessen bending the deck or deck's superstructure when side pull or snatch-block pull commences. To demonstrate that point, I stood on the end of the carrier's deck as it was raised 2-inches off the pavement and jumped on the deck. My jumping showed movement all the way forward to the truck's mirrors; capable of jiggling the frame from the rear of the truck all the way forward. What tricks do you use to ensure the carrier's deck is solid to the pavement?      R.

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A couple things I do are 1) I try to not run the deck all the way out if possible. The more it is on the slide frame, the better. I try to keep the deck at the ground with most of the weight placed on the legs (d.o.t. bar) of the tilt frame. At least for the grunt of the pull. A lot of times with a roll over for instance, I will pull the deck back in as the casualty gets to the breakover point. It helps to keep the line at the same angle throughout the roll and also gets the deck out of the way if your rigged close to the casualty. 2) I lean against the side of the deck as I run the controls so I can feel through the truck how hard the pull is. If she starts moving around good style, I stop and rethink my angles or options. 


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