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How is Geico treating you guys?

GRUMPS The Towman

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Have had a couple calls from a rep asking us to sign up with them. I asked for a contract copy to look over and we haven't discussed rates yet. I've also had them contact me other times asking if i accept p.o.'s from them to which I reply " No but i would gladly provide service for your client and accept payment via credit card over the phone " but they always say they dont do credit card payments over the phone. Occasionally, an hour or so later, the customer themselves call looking for the service directly. We perform the service requested and the customers always say that they can get reimbursed by Geico By handing in the receipt. So it's safe to assume that after trying in vain for a couple hours to find a contracted provider for their client, they then tell the client to find their own help?? Doesn't make any sense to me, but has happened more than once. In any event, Any one out there contracted with them? How are they to work with? Obviously they are short on providers in my area. Any insight you might have ? Thanks.


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As Grumps stated, I have always treated Geico the same as all the other motor clubs, credit card up front at commercial rate only. A couple weeks ago, I had a dispatcher take the time to explain how their PO/billing system works. I decided to take a chance, quoted commercial rate and accepted a PO. I submitted an invoice online and requested to be paid by check, instead of giving them access to my bank account for a direct deposit. The check arrived within a week for the correct amount. I have to admit I am impressed.

Keep in mind that I do not have a contract, and have no intention of even talking to them about that, but it seems that they do pay their PO's promptly.

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Just as Fender Bender said, they call, you give them your rate and they email you the dispatch and a separate email with a link to go on and review the dispatch after 48 hours, add any extra charges that you may have, click submit.  check is generally here in three days.  They have accepted my rate on the first call and sent me the emails while I was still on the phone to make sure I got them both

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