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Poll: Has the amount of scam calls to your business line's increased in the last year?


Poll: Has the amount of scam calls to your business line's increased in the last year?  

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OMG YES!   I don't have enough time for them and real customers. So i won't be able to mess with as many as I could before.  ie: repeat back to them everything they say like you're 8 years old.  asking the IRS calls who say I owe $6000 when will they send me the $6000.   telling them the owner isn't in but they can reach him on his cell phone and giving them the exact same number as they are calling me from.   I guess I can still mess with just a couple every day. It lifts my spirits!   hahaha

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The "i can't hear you" line, drives them nuts. also the bad phone line bit. scratching on the phone when thay talk.  

Thay are started to pass the caller id as a local number awhile ago, that really throws up the flag when its the same 3-digit prefix as yours.

Everything from tech support scams to back pain and everything you can think of. Thay have really killed off the telemarketing industry, and not in a good way.  




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Hello? No you got to call Rocco he is on vacation call back next week.....

1 week later.... hello? You looking for Rocco? He just steeped out for the weekend call back Tuesday.

Tuesday.... Hello? You looking for Rocco? I'm sorry you just missed him he went hunting for the week up north. Catch him at 7am Monday. (Shop opens at 8)

Monday..... Hello? Yeah you want Rocco? We had to fire him, he was taking to many days off. How may I help you? Oh you want to talk to Maria about that. She is on the other line.... (put on hold and leave them there)

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We are getting 20 plus calls a day. It drives me insane. So much wasted time. On my cell I add the spam callers to my block list. But at the shop there’s not much I can do. I’ve added our numbers to the “do not call list” but it doesn’t help any.

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The only good thing I can say here is that while I now receive 2 to 6 calls a day that belong in the round file bin, I am also receiving that many towing calls.  Add to that the roadside calls which stay busy and the Honk app calls which I had eight of yesterday (but usually about 2-3 every 2 days), I'm too busy to answer the obvious scammer calls.  If the prefix matches mine I don't pick up.  You go to voicemail.  You never leave one.  If you do I know you're real and I can call you back.


My poor wife gets so many robot-dialed calls that her contact marked "bull" has no more room for any new numbers to block.  She had to start a new contact, "bull2" because so many new numbers get used.


The problem with this is these large call centers will purchase a block of phone numbers, make a few million calls, then sell the block to another company.  Eventually the company buying the block of numbers is someone like Tracfone or Cricket, and now those numbers get used on new cell phone lines, and they've now been marked as "spam" for so long that you can't get anyone to answer the phone when you call them.  I'm so glad I have had the same number for 4-5 years now, I won't even consider changing my number now unless they overlay a new area code!

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