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  1. LeeAnn

    USPS Form 3811 ( Green Return Receipt Card)

    If you don't get the green card back call the main phone number for the United State Postal Service and let them know. They will first do a bit of research which amounts to nothing. They can give you a reference number for the "failure to provide services" and you can send your next certified letter for free minus the first class postage amount, around 50 cents. Most post offices don't know anything about this and will claim nothing is guaranteed service and no refund or credit is ever given. You will most likely have to ask for the Post Master to look up the reference number to get them to provide the service again for free. Also, talk to you state about using the online notifications. I now track the certified number online and when it shows "delivered" my state will accept of print out showing that instead of the green card. There are still a few that will never show as delivered and the envelope doesn't come back either. That's when I bring up "failure to provide services" and want credit to re-mail the next certified. (doesn't have to be to same address either). Twice, I've had the post office write up a letter "to whom it may concern" stating that delivery to the address is impossible and my state will proceed without it in that case. BTW.....I'm in Utah.
  2. Just got a 2017 ford f350 super duty and put a slide in unit in the bed. The truck is 11,500 #'s. The slide in weighs 1700 #'s. But what would I put for the lettering on the side of the truck? I'm confused. Thank you in advance.
  3. OMG YES! I don't have enough time for them and real customers. So i won't be able to mess with as many as I could before. ie: repeat back to them everything they say like you're 8 years old. asking the IRS calls who say I owe $6000 when will they send me the $6000. telling them the owner isn't in but they can reach him on his cell phone and giving them the exact same number as they are calling me from. I guess I can still mess with just a couple every day. It lifts my spirits! hahaha