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  1. I'm looking for copies of the letters you send to registered owners and lien holders notifying them that their vehicle is in your impound yard still and they need to pay their bills and get their vehicles out. I know what my states requires it say, but what do you add to make it effective? Threats of court, collections? My letter just isn't strong enough and gets very little response. Would be nice to share with industry. Thanks.
  2. Just got a 2017 ford f350 super duty and put a slide in unit in the bed. The truck is 11,500 #'s. The slide in weighs 1700 #'s. But what would I put for the lettering on the side of the truck? I'm confused. Thank you in advance.
  3. OMG YES! I don't have enough time for them and real customers. So i won't be able to mess with as many as I could before. ie: repeat back to them everything they say like you're 8 years old. asking the IRS calls who say I owe $6000 when will they send me the $6000. telling them the owner isn't in but they can reach him on his cell phone and giving them the exact same number as they are calling me from. I guess I can still mess with just a couple every day. It lifts my spirits! hahaha
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