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  1. Towgirl4

    Ting noise at takeoff

    They just did it. Didn't consult me on using an adhesive for repair. I am going to the Ohio Show this week so maybe I can speak with a Ford rep there for answers. The Ford dealer doesn't give me a straight answer when I ask them if it is Ford policy to put adhesive on a drive shaft. Starting to wonder if I should explore my truck options. I have been Ford for the last 13 years maybe its time for a change.
  2. Towgirl4

    Ting noise at takeoff

    I finally took my truck to another dealership in town after the first decided to stop calling me back. The noise is now gone, but I still am not completely satisfied. They put an permatex sleeve retainer to driveshaft front section yoke behind carrier support bearing. They say noise was caused by yoke shifting on splines. My Ford tech plus a reputable driveline shop says a heavy grease not an adhesive should have been used. The would not cover under warranty since it was upfitted. Even though it was Ford approved or at least that is what I was told. Oh and if the noise comes back then it would need to be sent out for driveshaft repair. Hoping the adhesive they applied does not cause future issues. 🙁
  3. Towgirl4

    2018 Midwest Tow Show Mason Ohio Roll Call

    We’ll be there. Kids started the countdown last week.
  4. Heck yeah. At least twice a day sometimes up to 5. I couldn’t afford or justify the fancy 2K phone system. I went to Verizon and I pay $20 a month for automated assistant. Now they have to press a button. Haha!
  5. Towgirl4

    Ting noise at takeoff

    I will definitely ask about the bulletin but imagine they should have referenced it already. Supposedly Ford rep is already involved. He is contacting Fleet Pride to see about another drive shaft. One thing that struck them as odd was the drive shaft was placed in opposite of stock. Is that common?
  6. Towgirl4

    Ting noise at takeoff

    Okay my Ford dealership is still scratching their head. So I am hoping someone might have ran across this problem. My 2014 F550 makes a “ting” noise when you start moving both forward and reverse. They have had the truck in 3 times and have everything check or replaced in the entire drive shaft. I guess their next step they want to do is replace the entire driveshaft. Anyone run across this? I would like to have my truck problem free before winter starts it only has 58K. The noise started around 50k.and had a driveshaft replaced about 40K.
  7. Towgirl4

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    I had a 2007 F650 multiple issues. It had actually gotten to the point where it would shutdown and restart going down the road. As a last resort we replaced the whole wiring harness which solved the problem. Zip ties wore through in several spots.