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Downhill and behind a house


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Got a call for a ride on fertilizer spreader that was on the edge of an embankment, behind a house. I arrived on scene with our 12t jerrdan to find the equipment actually how the described it. The did put a strap on it to try to prevent it from going down any further. I called back to the shop for another man, due to the equipment being out of the sight from the wrecker. It was downhill and around a corner. I had to have the wrecker on the rode, and ran the cable through a snatch block as high up in a tree as I could to prevent it from cutting into the ground. The lawn care company told the homeowner that they would assume all liability for any property damage during the recovery of their equipment. No damage was done. I stayed up at the wrecker while maintaining phone contact with my coworker down at the piece of equipment.


20180612_105809.md.jpg 20180612_105822.md.jpg 20180612_105830.md.jpg 20180612_111148.md.jpg 20180612_111152.md.jpg 20180612_111200.md.jpg 20180612_111223.md.jpg 20180612_111239.md.jpg 20180612_111246.md.jpg 20180612_115253.md.jpg Screenshot_20180908-112018_Maps-1.md.jpg


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1 minute ago, EdsTowing said:

Dam...how much rope you have on that truck?


It had 150' on the passenger winch. We also used a 50' extension.

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