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Did you know more than 60 Tow Truck Drivers are Killed on the Job Every Year?

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‘Just absolutely devastating:’

Deadly hit-and-run reminds tow truck drivers of on the job dangers.




Note: Exaggerating or Sensationalizing the number of Tow Truck Operators Killed on the job each year does not strengthen the call for action which may reduce the number of incidents that not only claim the lives of Tow Truck Operators. The increased dangers also take the lives of First Responders and other roadside workers. Including these other professionals still does not add up to 60 deaths a year. Just as the number is not one Tow Truck Operator Killed every 6 days. If we continue to quote inaccurate statistics it will do far more harm to the efforts than providing documentation of these deaths. These were people and not just numbers, their Faces and Families must not be lost in the numbers.

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I believe it was around 45 total first responders and tow truck operators in 2022 and 45 total in 2023. There were 21 Tow Truck Operators Killed in 2023 which breaks down to 1 every 17 days. The overall average combining all categories is 1 every 8 days, still not 1 every 6 days.


Having these accurate numbers adds credibility to the statements.

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I have not kept up with the actual stats over the years. Being on the line almost every night, it just wasn't something I wanted to focus on. Is that wrong, looking back I could have likely taken that extra step. However, I feel I make up for it by keeping up with the Tower Down Topics and following the continuing stories which do not end with a tow truck procession. That's why, I wrote Lest We Forget Them on the Long Road Home!


I just want those quoting a stat even if they stick with the 1 every 6 days. They are not saying 1 Tow Truck Operator is Killed every 6 days. That number has included all First Responders, POLICE, EMS, DOT, Road Service, and YES Tow Truck Operators who continue to hold the highest percentage of roadside deaths. I can only pray 9 days into 2024 we do not lay another industry member to rest. That's a complicated prayer as nearly all of these deaths are caused by distracted or impaired drivers.


So, think about that the next time you make a run or happen upon an impaired driver. They may have damaged their vehicle, struck a curb, or run off the road. That driver could have been the one who took a life. That life could have been a Tow Truck Operator, that life could have been yours. I have known many an operator who took pity on them and did not report the incident. I have known at least a couple who learned later of a tragic event involving that same driver. I know one of them it was the very same night. After the driver was dropped off at their home they got into another vehicle and drove that vehicle impaired. Struck a Mother and Child, as I recall at least one of them didn't survive.


So, let's keep the numbers real. Because they involve real lives!

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And the wrong numbers continue to flow. Only this time it is a quote from the NTSB. Which states 23 Roadside Workers and First Responders were involved in a deadly crash each year. Actual numbers or those close to them are needed. Without them, the narrative being created loses creditability


Semi truck hits ITD truck and almost hits crew members


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I can attest to 17 names of tow operators in 2023. Probably more that were not reported or counted but even at 17, that is too many.

NTSB #s of 23, make towers a 75% of that  number. Surely their numbers must be off.

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