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Diamond In The Rough.... "Updated 05.11.2024"


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I saw this cab & chassis going up for auction a few weeks ago and it caught my eye. The pics were poor at best...and it was hard to tell what shape it was in, but it only had 32,000 mi on it. Advertised with a bad 6.7 engines but I can take care of that. I wasn't able to go to the sale that day and it was pouring so I didn't think they would have too good of a turn out on site anyway so we bid cautiously. I didn't want to get it home and find a POS that i would be buried in. Our original intentions was to build a dump or construction/plow truck out of it to flip...




We won the bid for cheap money and when it got home, I was pleasantly surprised! the body is cherry on it and the chassis is very nice considering it lived in upstate NY...some surface rust but will clean up like new when we are done with it. The truck was owned by a NY municipality and I have to figure that the 1st Gen 6.7 failed early (like many did) and it was out of warranty by time? Someone decided to take the body off and dump it I guess...





We decided to make this our new Dump Truck to replace my Chevy. We have a new 11' body coming and we are installing a new 6.7 from Ford in it. It will get all the necessary upgrades to make it durable & reliable. Some "Bling" and a new dress...we will have a "like new" support truck for 25% of the cost. I'll post updates as we go along...

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  • 1 month later...

Finally got some time for the guys to start my dump truck build. The body is in so we got to get cranking on it. Since it's so much easier to do the engine w/ the cab off, we decided to strip the thing down. It makes for a nicer job when we do the chassis blast & resurface...




This truck should look real nice when it's complete and run like a bear! 

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7 hours ago, Stubborn66 said:

don't think the cab will fit that way??

It wouldn't know if it was coming or going...




I had to put it outside today cause we needed the room. It's stripped down & waiting for a day that gets over freezing so we can blast it...hopefully it gets a little nicer next week.


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Since we took the cab off anyway, we will paint it off. I set it up on a pallet to move it around and can be set up on a lift I have in the body shop. This way he can get it much lower and it's easier to paint. 




Just have to be extra careful setting it back on the chassis.

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  • 2 weeks later...

We were able to get a couple trucks blasted this past week, including this chassis. It's in the body shop now to get painted tomorrow...




The new engine stuff came in this week as well so I'm anxious to get the guys back on this...




It seems I always have so many projects going simultaneously it's difficult to function and get stuff done...LoL

I'm hoping to have the chassis back together and the cab done & back on in the next 3 weeks. Then we can mount the body and finish all of the accessories & "bling". Since my other dump left, it's kind of hot to get this completed. 

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  • TowForce changed the title to Diamond In The Rough.... "Updated 02.04.24"

When we got it all blasted, we noticed that it had a broken leaf spring in the rear...odd place for it to break but we got a new set from Ford and figured we would get them swapped in prior to paint. The last time we tried a pair of aftermarket springs on a 550, it ruined the ride quality of the truck. So to me, it was worth the couple hundred extra to get OEM springs.




While it was in, we had my guys mount the back plate to the frame so again, everything gets painted.




So now it's officially in the body shop to be refinished. We will start the engine build and reassembly in the next couple of days...

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  • TowForce changed the title to Diamond In The Rough.... "Updated 02.06.24"

We made some forward progress on my dump truck...got a lot of stuff going on but I am trying to keep guys on it. We received the new wheels & tires this week so they went on...




Had to replace the rear backing plates, about the only rust we found on the truck... So it got all new brakes and serviced both drive axles. It's back to being a "roller" again. 




Hopefully Monday the engine will start to be assembled. It's a process but I'll know every square inch of it when it's done!

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  • TowForce changed the title to Diamond In The Rough.... "Updated 02.20.24"

We are making progress with our project...





Needed some shop space so it got moved to the back shop while the guys build the engine. While it was out, we set the body sub frame on it as well.




Started w/ a new short block and got a set of reman heads. We updated it to the 17 up block w/ new mounts installed. This engine is being retrofitted with a CP4 pump conversion, custom intake & exhaust manifolds, larger turbo, revised fuel & cooling system components and a new program....





Everything is nestled back in to the chassis and we are just waiting for the body shop to get finished with the cab...




Hopefully we can start making it look like a truck again in the next 2 weeks.

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  • TowForce changed the title to Diamond In The Rough.... "Updated 02.27.24"
  • 2 weeks later...

Moving right along...




Cab finished so we can start reassembling.





Back to looking like a truck again. We have to gut the doors so we removed them top make a nicer paint finish. We are converting it to Pwr. Windows / locks and heated/lighted mirrors.





Installed a set of full fenders to keep it nice. Now we are mounting the 48" Aluminum boxes w/ stainless doors...




I have these boxes on my F600 Rollback and we like them. My guys were working on the front end hook up so we can run it...lots of "stuff" to re-hook & figure out. The plow frame got installed yesterday. She's moving right along now...

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Well we fired it up yesterday for the 1st time...it runs like a top...




They put the new glass in too. Drove it on property just to make sure the transmission shifts and what not.




My guy Kevin has the rest of the sheetmetal sprayed today so the front end can go back together.




That's a different cab he is repairing for another project we started yesterday. But hopefully this will look like a dump truck by next week.

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  • 1 month later...

Got a couple days to work on our Dump Truck project...it's moving right along...





Got the body mounted & sub frame.






trailer tow package installed. We use the factory Ford plug set up so we get a 7 wire & a 4 wire plug.





Got everything in the rear completed.




I think we are in the home stretch...

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  • 2 weeks later...

This one is on the home stretch now....




Re Upholstered the seats, new carpet kit...all the final touches. Waiting for the steps from Ford and some custom boards made for the dump body & she's ready to rock & roll. Then it's off to get lettered.

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Had it out today for it's maiden voyage to get the windows tinted....Eddie can't drive it unless it's tinted...LoL





It ran out real good....rolls the coal when you get your foot in to it.

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  • EdsTowing changed the title to Diamond In The Rough.... "Updated 05.11.2024"

Well....we rounded 3rd and are on the home stretch.





Went through the check list and "tidied" a few things up. Charged the AC, installed the new Steps and cleaned it up. The interior was in surprisingly good shape considering. We recovered the driver seat & new cushion because it had the typical wear from sliding in & out of a high truck without steps. Added some Weather Tech's to keep it nice inside. Had to get black steps from Ford, they discontinued the Stainless units. Couldn't believe how difficult it was to find a step for a regular cab in this generation...The OEM Ford tubes were are only option.




Had a Saw Mill make us some white Oak side boards and ran them through a Planer to size. Then our Sign guy "etched" our logo in to them. They will get stained & clear coated before installation.





Got these pics from our Sign guy today. Now it comes back for the Emergency Light package, rear camera and updated head unit for Satellite radio. It should be haulin by the weekend!

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