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  1. Goodmichael, how much of an inconvenience would it make if the drivers side controls were disabled. Maybe a couple of pieces of flat bar above and below the controls on the drivers side to keep the controls from being movable ?? Basically forcing the operator to use the curb side controls.
  2. Flagfixer

    Buying my first heavy

    Brian makes good sense on the 16 ton. Bottom line. . . which one will sit in the parking lot and which one will stay busy. I have a friend who tried the Heavy route and lost his butt. Truck just sat. He finally got an old Holmes 600 and put it on a newer Ford chassis added an underlift. Made money from day one. It is not the best setup but he does lots of truck rental and motorhome towing. He has another used truck on order from a dealer up north. Best of luck on whichever route you take. JimB
  3. Flagfixer

    Rogelio Perez-Borroto - Tampa Bay, Fl. 02-15-16

    Thanks for putting all this together. Sometimes you don't find out what the at fault driver receives after hitting and killing a towman. This took a couple of years but the judge sure made a statement ! It just shows that some judges will take into consideration all the facts and sentence accordingly. It is little for the family but, hopefully helps the industry. Thanks again, Ron.
  4. Flagfixer

    Happy Memorial Day

    Over the years the meaning for "Memorial Day" has been changed from a time to remember the men and women who gave their lives defending the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States of America. Once a time for respectful services to those who gave all for you and me has been transformed to a sale at a department store or a time to have a big BBQ and enjoy the lake or beach. Where did we go wrong?? I guess we are to be Happy that all those brave soldiers and sailors gave their lives for us. Change is not always good.
  5. Flagfixer

    How many members were here 14 years ago

    Happy Birthday "Miracle Girl" !! You are getting cuter as well
  6. Thanks to Miller Industries. The Vets appreciate your support !!
  7. Flagfixer

    Gas Truck Sunk w/ A Twist...

    Do you have a customer of the year award ??
  8. Love the new site
  9. Flagfixer

    Do you use brochures?

    My wife has a little printing and duplication business. We often print postcards for local church and non-profits. I use the same type postcards for the flag business. Costs for the cards is not bad at all but around 34 cents for stamp unless you use a bulk mailing permit. Good results, but getting a good mailing list takes a lot of time. Let me know if I can help. JimB
  10. I watched the old site get an awesome upgrade then this new site. Ron, you get a slap on the back. I no longer do towing, just the flag business. Still love to watch heavies do their thing !! Roach 901