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Seeking Accident Response Trailer Ideas


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Putting together a support trailer for accidents and spills. Will be a hybrid between accident support and cleanup and traffic control.

Currently have a blank canvas to work with. Looking for input on must haves that I may not have thought about & any items that you have had in one of your units that you thought you would use but never have needed?

I'm thinking about using a combination of shelves and Milwaukee packouts with wall storage for tools and smaller items.

Any tips or ideas are welcomed. 

Keep in mind we are not using this for major spill cleanups at the moment. More focused on containment and accident scene support.


Thanks in advance.



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We have a beat up old trailer that we have been experimenting with.  We do light duty only, and don't use it often, but it sure comes in handy when we need it.


I think you will quickly find that you'll run out of room in a hurry.   I have a trailer that is similar in size.   Id get pics, but honestly, at the moment its a mess.  I have a pallet of spill tackle stacked in there.  Two power broom and a lot of brooms and shovels of all sizes on the walls.  In the front we have 2 55 gallon disposal drums, a chainsaw, generator and a small torch.    In the near future I would like to get a bigger trailer (prolly 8.5 x 16) and get it organized better.  


We just added a bunch of the waste management dumpster bags.  They come in handy for a bigger cleanup to help haul away the debris.


In my nest trailer I would add a 12v deep cycle battery and LED lights inside, and also a milwaukee charger setup with a chop saw, sawzall and some portable lighting.  The milwaukee fluid pump also has my eye to pumping fuel tanks and such. 


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Got the basics into the trailer this past week. Now just adding some hand tools and misc. rigging over this coming weekend. It is ready to be used as it sits and should be a lot easier than throwing all the cones and oil dry in the bed on a truck or onto a flatbed to respond to a crash.

Let me know if anyone has any more ideas of things to add or do to make life easier on the job site.



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That is looking great! Those Milwaukee blowers work great to clean up small pieces. I know sometimes I could sure use a chain saw if the vehicles are in the trees and brush a little. My Dad has a Milwaukee M18 battery chainsaw that works great. We have used it already at an accident scene, and it works really well for that. You don't have to mess around starting it or anything. We probably would use it more, but we don't carry it in our trucks, and when you need it then you don't have it!

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