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A "Pup" Doing A Nose Dive....

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From September 2009:


Phil & I did this one the other morning. It was a little uncommon being a reefer pup and had 6,000 in the nose. The jockey pulled it away from the door & unhooked as per their policy. As soon as he pulled out from under it, it plummeted to the ground. It has a front stand but it went too quickly. The trailer was like 2 weeks old and the driver told me it was the second time it had happened!






Sorry, no recovery pics but right after we arrived, the big bosses & district safety manager came out to see the commotion. Trying to work quickly & efficiently! The job took less then 15 min and we cradled the whole trailer with a strap to eliminate putting any scratches in it. Once up they put two trailer stands under it so I could get out of the way and back a power unit under it. The only damage was 1 landing gear foot was slightly bent.



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Charlie Rittenhouse said:

nice work, easy money


twinbulls said:

Second time and its new .... Sure the third time might total it ..LOL


Letsplay2 said:

It sounds very interesting that they would have a policy that a trailer that is partially loaded on the nose, in front of the landing gear, with 6,000 lbs of weight would be moved out from the loading dock and then disconnected not even 10' away from the loading dock. This is what I saw in the pictures that you posted.

It sounds like the yard dog and the trailer came disconnected and it took a nose dive.

Although no matter how it happened you got the job and are going to invoice for it.



EdsTowing said:

Devin it seemed odd to me as well but I learned that WalMart's policy is that a OTR truck is not permitted to back in or pull out a trailer from the building. I don't know if someone ripped out the dock lock or something but they have to have a jockey pull it away. Normally the trailer would be spotted in the yard but in this case the driver was there waiting.

If it was a dry van it probably would of been fine but the reefer certainly takes it over the top. Also the trailer looked to have a longer set back on the landing gear like it was built to be pulled by a tandem.


In Memory of Chadinfla who said:

Look at the drag marks from the brakes being locked? Or was that possibly from a previous trailer?


EdsTowing said:

I saw the marks as well on the ground but I'm not sure if they were from this trailer. Some areas of this lot look like a drag strip burn out pit with so many skid marks around!


rotator60 said:

Yep..their "policy" seems flawed..Good for you Ed..lol..


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Ed, It was 13 years ago... I can not recall recoveries I did last year. It would really have to a special recovery to be memorable. I'm sure you have had dozens and dozens of these since. 

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