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winter is here in North East Pa. early

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Got a call on Monday morning @ about 1am for a tow, an hour west of the shop out in the hills.  I didn't think anything of it until I spun climbing the mountain at one spot, we had gotten a dusting of an inch or so. 

The further out I went, the more snow they had gotten, too late to turn back now.  Then, I thought, maybe it is time to put the chains in the trucks, again too late now.


Got out to the call and I see his flashers, I am not familiar with this road, just before I go to turn at the intersection, I realize he is on a very steep hill.  At this point, I am on a snow covered road, he is on a road to my left down a steep hill that is snow covered with all kinds of tire tracks were someone had tried to climb the hill.


Yep, the Guys GPS had taken him down an dirt road and they had not plowed it, this is not a tow, it is a winch out. LOL.  Gotta love dispatchers, and the guy has been there for hours.

I got to use the side puller I made again, it worked well.  I stayed up on the paved road and had just enough line to reach him through the side puller.


I still didn't get the memo, did not put the chains on the truck when I got back, but it was late.  I got another call on Monday afternoon in the same general direction.  When I got there, it took me three shots to get up the hill on the last road before the customers driveway.


The chains are now on the truck until spring!!!

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A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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This has been the first year in a few that I got all the winter gear out, checked and prepped on my truck before I got caught sleeping on the weather. And although we have had some snow and ice, I havent run into any issue needing special winter gear yet.

But if I didnt have everything ready, I am sure i would have been "up the creek" by now. It is just the way it goes for me.


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Got new drive tires mounted today for the second roll back, going into winter with fresh drives,  chains checked and loaded on the wrecker and roll back.  Need to order a set of chains for the second roll back.  Put one extra cable length on the wrecker. 

I found a bunch of left hand insulated gloves, no rights!!  I hate trying to keep track of gloves.


I am as ready as I am gonna get, let her fly.   LOL 

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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