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River mud


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We had a call recently for a stuck car "in the parking lot" behind a local supermarket.  Well, right behind the supermarket is the Susquehanna river and a good local fishing spot.  I send my cousin who helps me out pretty regularly anymore.  He decides it is a good idea to back the wrecker down in the mud to get the car.....wrong.  He gets to the car, gets it out, then proceeds to get the wrecker stuck.  Well, I taught him how to use the winch lines to get himself out when stuck so he tries, and tries, and tries.  In his mind, there was no way he was going to call me.............except he had too.  LOL.  In this first picture he is explaining to me how this mud snuck up on him.IMG_20210820_120223004.thumb.jpg.e49cf36f450d07733383ac15dbd4a40a.jpg


Now, to his credit, the car was further down in there and was stuck pretty good, I am surprised he got this far.




Another part of the explanation!!


 I was able to get close enough with the roll back to hook to the wrecker, then re-hook the car and pull them both out. It was all good, he didn't tear anything up and he washed both the trucks  LOL

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A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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Looks like a no harm, no foul type of deal. A bit of extra time and another rig tied up for a few minutes is all....

Nothing is more embarrassing to a rookie operator then having to call for help because they are stuck !! ( Been there, Done that, LMAO )

Hopefully It will turn out to be a good learning experience for your "trainee" and he will do some better scene and environment evaluation next time. 


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 I have made more than my fair share of bonehead moves over the years too, that how we learn.  He is actually pretty good and I am not afraid to send him out, he represents us well and will learn from this. 

You had to see the look on his face when I showed up smiling from ear to ear.  That was the worst part for him........and before we left he fell on his Azz in the mud.


We charged our normal recovery rates to the customer but gave them a little break

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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