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I have been wearing these for years. I get 3 to 4 months and then leave them in the tool box for dirty jobs.


Kinco Gloves - https://kinco.com/





The new pair stays with me till it's time to switch them out again. The pair in the box is generally done for at that point.


There a guy that is at a few of the shows and I always buy a 10 pack runs about $100. Individually I they were around $11 a pair. Everything has gone up over the past year so they may be higher. Some of our guys wear mechanix Gloves. My problem is their $30 gloves don't last any longer then my $11 gloves. But, everyone has a preference. Keep looking and you'll find yours, Our employer gives out canvas and jersey style. Those last about 10 days and cost between $2 - $4 dollars. Good Luck



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Like TowZone, I too like Kinco gloves. I learned a long time ago that at least for me, there is no substitute for real leather. I too have tried all kinds of gloves, and I always come back to a few styles from Kinco that are real leather. Their deerskin lined gloves have been my go to in winter for a long time. My new favorites from them are their "Hydroflector" line of water resistant leather gloves. Dryer and tough. Most real leather that is not "suededed/suede" (read smooth finish, not rough or pile finish) seem to get better with a little grease and grime, at least for awhile. I also think leather is much better at protecting from the random broken wire that sticks out from wire rope, and the damaged sheet metal and broken stuff on damaged cars than the synthetic gloves. Reality is though that gloves are not going to last long in this business when used as often and the way we use them.


My current favorite:  Kinco - Hydroflector Unlined Buffalo Leather Work Gloves, Superior Water Resistance, Heavy Duty Reinforced Palm, Extremely Durable, Easy-On Cuff, Fitted Elastic Wrist, (Style No. 387P) - - Amazon.com. I get them at my local farm and fleet store.

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We use the Kinco brand pigskin leather gloves as well. They hold up really well for us. If you like the Mechanix style gloves you can pick up the Hardy brand gloves at Harbor Freight. They cost half the price as most of the Mechanics gloves, and they hold up almost as long. I like using those on the wrecker for jobs like removing the driveline, where big bulky gloves don't work as well.

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