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  1. Well, 400 ft is a long way. I would have to do a little planning to get that accomplished. What I carry daily will reach about 300 ft if needed. I carry (2) 50 ft wire rope extensions and a variety of straps, and 150 ft on the side puller. Would look pretty ugly, but if needed I can get things a long way out. I have had a few that were 200 ft + out into a muddy field, and been able to get them back to the road with what I had on the truck. So in answer to your question, a few wire rope extensions would be needed for most trucks probably. That is what I would do.
  2. I do not own one, but a friend in the business bought a Towmate PLC59U LED LIGHT BAR. He LOVES this light bar. Super easy install . Light bar itself only needs a 12 v and ground, so no bundle of wires to run. Bright, reliable. If I was in the market for a replacement, I think this or similar would certainly be at the top of my list.
  3. I too think you may be overthinking the situation. If you are using wheel straps correctly, then the vehicle rides on its own suspension, granted at a little different angle. It may seem that it rides a little rough to you because of what you see in your mirror, or the fact that you feel the movement as you are driving. Understand that the movement you feel is exaggerated due to the leverage of the vehicle and the wheel lift being quite far back from the pivot point (the rear axle). So while it may feel like the wheel lift vehicle is getting a pretty rough ride, for the most part it is not rea
  4. My first rollback was an International 4700 rated at 23000#. 7.3 diesel, and 6 speed, 21 foot aluminum bed. Cabs are far from ergonomic, but they are durable and easy and inexpensive (mostly) to repair. The DT engine would have been my preference, but the 7.3 was fine. Neither will set any land speed records, but the DT is easier to maintain and a lot easier and cheaper to fix/rebuild over time. Truck never let me down, sold it with 580k miles (and using a lot of oil) and still in use in Winnipeg last I heard with 660k miles (and a rebuilt 7.3). I would not go much less than 21 foot bed if you
  5. Better? That is a difficult question to answer. V-10's only longer term issue that I am aware of has been broken cam shafts is some, but I would guess that threat issue has been addressed. V-10 is going to use some more fuel and have a little less torque, cheaper maintenance, shorter service life, and can be replaced easily and cheaply if/when needed. Gassers will have lower resale value. - Diesel will have a longer service life (in general), more torque, better fuel economy (though diesel is currently higher priced than gasoline, so maybe not much advantage there), and higher resale. Depends
  6. http://www.ethar-trad.com Web page shows a US dealer in Texas. Poor website, but there is some info there.
  7. Winch? We don't need no f****** winch ... Would not be working for me any longer. Might be effective, but certainly not how I was trained.
  8. I can't believe you woke the poor trailer up. It was just taking a nap ... Nice job as usual.
  9. OMG! It is the RB1 debate all over again! Man that goes back a few years. Looks good to me. All about resistance and having a plan. Looks like it all worked just fine.
  10. I was in the owners den previously, would love access again.
  11. What started as a glow that Dani Rees saw from the office window into the shop area at Mid-Iowa Towing, quickly turned into a massive inferno that left her and her husband’s business completely leveled Friday afternoon. No serious injuries were reported. “I was in my office and saw little bit of fire out of the shop window,” said Rees, who owns Mid-Iowa Towing with her husband, Mike. “I yelled for everyone to get out and everyone got out. It happened fast – real fast.” Firefighters were called to the scene at 1:20 p.m. Heavy smoke and fire quickly overwhelmed the shop and e
  12. My local competitor to the north had a devastating fire today. Luckily no serious injuries have been reported though two employees are reported to have burns and some smoke inhalation. I have not yet reached out to them as I am sure they are still reeling from this afternoons events, though I intend to reach out soon. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they start the rebuilding process ... https://www.kcci.com/article/2-injured-in-fort-dodge-fire-that-leaves-building-a-complete-loss/30934580
  13. Cannot read the model number, but the hydraulic valve body has a check valve, I would start there, assuming you are able to verify that the pto engages and there is fluid flowing.
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