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  1. doingitall

    HINO 268 with the shakes

    Well I would guess tire wear causing imbalance. If it is anything like the rest of the medium duties I have owned, a really good alignment and some new tires ... Every medium duty I have owned does this at some point. I am VERY limited for good alignments, like there is nothing around here for truck alignments. When I have had a really good alignment performed, like everything just right, and new tires, I get pretty good service from a set. As soon as anything wears or gets out of alignment, I get a little irregular tire wear and game over. Swapping tires (rotating) can help a little, but once they wear like that they are done. That has been my experience.
  2. doingitall

    Low car on flatbed

    I made ramps out of treated 2X6's. 1 12 foot board - 2 pieces 3 foot, 2 pieces 2 foot, 2 pieces 1 foot. 3 foot bottom, then two foot, then 1 foot stacked and screwed together. i left the 1 foot on top slid back creating a notch for the bed to sit on. Don't have pics, but these work every time. If the vehicles clearance is less than 2 inches, you have to take the crap off the front anyway.
  3. doingitall

    Low car on flatbed

    Ramps - lumber
  4. doingitall

    "high tech" recovery....lol

    Love getting paid to solve the unsolvable. I would have done the same. Amazingly little damage really ...
  5. doingitall

    Ford f650 08 rh turn signal and bezel

    Thanks for the reminder, kind of forgot about them ... Sent them an email.
  6. Anybody have one laying around? Ford F650 2008 RH front turn signal and chrome bezel. New is $250 +/- plus shipping. Would like to find a good used one ...