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  1. I have used Square for years. No issues. Love it. If your iPads are cellular activated already then your cost to equip them with square will be minimal. While Square is certainly not the cheapest platform percentage wise, for me at least, the fact that it is so easy to use and payment next business day is a win of my one man low volume credit card operation.
  2. Repeat ... do not use the tow eye that screws into the bumper! DANGER! So many better and safer options! I would suggest some training in light recovery, and some endless loops/recovery straps if you are looking at where to spend a little money. Through the wheel or around some stronger (not stamped steel) suspension parts are the best places to put a loop or strap, but there are other techniques as well. Some training will pay for itself quickly ...
  3. I think a little re-training may be needed ...
  4. Disappointing for sure! First, I think it is important to tell everyone who did the upfitting. Not to shame, but to let others know who we are talking about, and possibly who to avoid! Second, if this is a factory authorized upfitter, I think JerrDan would appreciate knowing about the problems and would likely after solutions. Third, there are a lot of customers on this forum, and providing more information about who and where and other specifics may encourage pressure from other potential customers and push them to provide a solutions faster and more transparently. I think we all know that sh!t happens, but to not address and fix these issues in a timely manner on a new truck needs to be called out. I do not think a lawyer is your best avenue, yet ... I do think that getting the manufacturer (JerrDan) involved is the way to go here. So more info and details would help get the ball rolling here ...
  5. I bought a used F650 a few years ago. 2008, Cummins 6.7/Allison auto, pre DEF. This was a real upgrade from my 06 F650 with a 5.9 Cummins. The 6.7 was stellar! More power, the throttle peddle was actually more than an on/off switch, could actually merge with traffic onto the highway, I was happy ... then I had what appeared to be issues with the turbo variable vane system sticking. Common issue, I know. Poor performance, always seemed to be "out of breath", no power going uphill, poor throttle response, back to the 5.9 feel. Replaced the turbo system, could hear the turbo running correctly again, but ever since this happened, nothing has brought back the original performance. So the turbo was replaced, the EGR has been replaced, new injectors, the manifold pressure sensor for the turbo replaced twice, some other stuff, can't remember it all. Nothing has really changed, still poor throttle response, no power going up hills loaded or unloaded. Seems ok in town though not like when I purchased the truck, but getting on the highway, or going up a hill is still a lesson in patience and humility. I do not dare to make a pass at highways speeds unless I can see for at least a mile, even then I usually do not even try. One shop asked if it has ever done a "regen" cycle, and I have never had it do that (I am the only operator), but after asking, he seemed unconcerned. Two different shops have looked at this truck several times and tell me that there are no codes now, and that everything is "within specs". But still the truck does not perform like when I purchased it (at 125K). Now has 170K. There have been slight improvements when things have been fixed, but I am a long way from the performance it used to have. It functions still as it is, but man I wish it would run like when I bought it ... Any suggestions?
  6. Mine is the same set up. Only time I have had any issues are when rewinding without tension. Under tension, even light tension, mine rewinds very nicely all the way from edge to edge of the winch drum. It does make a little grinding noise from the line rubbing a bit at the winch drum ends but I do not see any damage to the line at all. I thought same as you when I bought mine ... guide looks far too narrow. Have you actually tried the unit out? Do you actually see an issue? Like I said, mine works fine ...
  7. Here. Wes Wilburn classes, LD, a couple of times ...
  8. I do calls like that every day. My rates are enough to compensate most times. If not worthwhile at my negotiated rates, I either refuse, or ask for return miles or added fees. Then the MC/client can choose. I am not a non-profit. You have to decide if it works or does not work for you. No one can make you do a call.
  9. Dangerous road! I think your best bet is to be the best at what you do, and have a good reputation for quality work. The biggest thing is to get to know the towers in the area, I mean really get to know them. Not just the owners, but the grunts, the cable draggers, the guys and gals that work overnight in crappy weather. Get to know them and take care of them when they are at your shop, not monetarily, but help them get unloaded, get them some coffee, warm them up, dry them off, clean them up, get them some quick grub, give them your cell number to reach you after hours and go to your shop after hours and meet them to help, make it easy for them ... Go to their shop after you get to know them and buy pizza for their staff or safety meeting. When they know you will take care of the clients they bring in in a professional manner, and you will make things easier and more efficient for them when they are there, it will bring you business. Additionally, it is just good business to have positive relationships with area businesses. That said, kickbacks almost never build goodwill long term, and are likely illegal, especially in Illinois.
  10. Well I would guess tire wear causing imbalance. If it is anything like the rest of the medium duties I have owned, a really good alignment and some new tires ... Every medium duty I have owned does this at some point. I am VERY limited for good alignments, like there is nothing around here for truck alignments. When I have had a really good alignment performed, like everything just right, and new tires, I get pretty good service from a set. As soon as anything wears or gets out of alignment, I get a little irregular tire wear and game over. Swapping tires (rotating) can help a little, but once they wear like that they are done. That has been my experience.
  11. I made ramps out of treated 2X6's. 1 12 foot board - 2 pieces 3 foot, 2 pieces 2 foot, 2 pieces 1 foot. 3 foot bottom, then two foot, then 1 foot stacked and screwed together. i left the 1 foot on top slid back creating a notch for the bed to sit on. Don't have pics, but these work every time. If the vehicles clearance is less than 2 inches, you have to take the crap off the front anyway.
  12. Love getting paid to solve the unsolvable. I would have done the same. Amazingly little damage really ...
  13. Thanks for the reminder, kind of forgot about them ... Sent them an email.
  14. Anybody have one laying around? Ford F650 2008 RH front turn signal and chrome bezel. New is $250 +/- plus shipping. Would like to find a good used one ...
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