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  1. Like TowZone, I too like Kinco gloves. I learned a long time ago that at least for me, there is no substitute for real leather. I too have tried all kinds of gloves, and I always come back to a few styles from Kinco that are real leather. Their deerskin lined gloves have been my go to in winter for a long time. My new favorites from them are their "Hydroflector" line of water resistant leather gloves. Dryer and tough. Most real leather that is not "suededed/suede" (read smooth finish, not rough or pile finish) seem to get better with a little grease and grime, at least for awhile. I also think
  2. Ed's is a long way, but if it is done right I can live with that. I would like to find something closer though. I do not have any experience with anyone really near me that does this type of work really. That is why I am looking for suggestions. I figured a shop that does tow trucks regularly would be a better bet that just the typical heavy equipment shop. Maybe I am overthinking ... I did bring it up to the company that is located in Iowa, I am sure you know the one ... I would have to sell one of my kids and mortgage the house for them to do the work. Clearly they do not want that type of w
  3. I have an older (2008) Ford F650 with a Jerrdan aluminum bed rollback (Pioneer) and a side puller that needs some refurbishment. The subframe for the rollback in particular needs some serious work or replacement. The rest of what needs to be done is a bit more routine, like cleaning up and painting some rusty spots, refurb or replace the hydraulic cylinders and the hydraulics, some wiring fixed, a seat cushion, refurbish or replace the tool boxes, stuff like that. This truck has been good to me and is in excellent condition with the exception of the bed subframe. I was hoping to arrange the re
  4. doingitall


    Having looked into this previously, and a cursory search now, I cannot see where this is a change in Iowa. Tow trucks in Iowa are not allowed under "authorized emergency vehicles", and I am not aware of any municipalities that own tow trucks in Iowa. Iowa law, as far as I can determine, has always restricted red and blue emergency lighting to law enforcement and emergency responders only. Two years ago, a modification was made to allow state owned snow plows to use a single blue strobe, but that is the only modification I have seen in a long time. Admittedly, I am no expert, but I have read th
  5. We all make decisions ... not all of us make good decisions! (Me to my kids 100M times) Be thankful you got paid (hopefully well)! I see it as job security.
  6. doingitall


    Do you have a link to where the information was found? I am not aware of any changes currently in Iowa, so would like to look into whatever information you found ...
  7. Strongly disagree with Bushwacker. Even business brokers will only do 5X profit, not total income, actual verifiable profit. More info is needed though ... do you actively manage the business, and are you also the lead employee/boss/owner? How many employees? How long in business? Do you have actual contracts with law enforcement or shops? Most businesses where the owner is also the manager, lead employee, chief bottlewasher and bathroom cleaner have very little value beyond the value of the actual property and hard assets. Without contracts in writing that actually include clauses that allow
  8. Well, 400 ft is a long way. I would have to do a little planning to get that accomplished. What I carry daily will reach about 300 ft if needed. I carry (2) 50 ft wire rope extensions and a variety of straps, and 150 ft on the side puller. Would look pretty ugly, but if needed I can get things a long way out. I have had a few that were 200 ft + out into a muddy field, and been able to get them back to the road with what I had on the truck. So in answer to your question, a few wire rope extensions would be needed for most trucks probably. That is what I would do.
  9. I do not own one, but a friend in the business bought a Towmate PLC59U LED LIGHT BAR. He LOVES this light bar. Super easy install . Light bar itself only needs a 12 v and ground, so no bundle of wires to run. Bright, reliable. If I was in the market for a replacement, I think this or similar would certainly be at the top of my list.
  10. I too think you may be overthinking the situation. If you are using wheel straps correctly, then the vehicle rides on its own suspension, granted at a little different angle. It may seem that it rides a little rough to you because of what you see in your mirror, or the fact that you feel the movement as you are driving. Understand that the movement you feel is exaggerated due to the leverage of the vehicle and the wheel lift being quite far back from the pivot point (the rear axle). So while it may feel like the wheel lift vehicle is getting a pretty rough ride, for the most part it is not rea
  11. My first rollback was an International 4700 rated at 23000#. 7.3 diesel, and 6 speed, 21 foot aluminum bed. Cabs are far from ergonomic, but they are durable and easy and inexpensive (mostly) to repair. The DT engine would have been my preference, but the 7.3 was fine. Neither will set any land speed records, but the DT is easier to maintain and a lot easier and cheaper to fix/rebuild over time. Truck never let me down, sold it with 580k miles (and using a lot of oil) and still in use in Winnipeg last I heard with 660k miles (and a rebuilt 7.3). I would not go much less than 21 foot bed if you
  12. Better? That is a difficult question to answer. V-10's only longer term issue that I am aware of has been broken cam shafts is some, but I would guess that threat issue has been addressed. V-10 is going to use some more fuel and have a little less torque, cheaper maintenance, shorter service life, and can be replaced easily and cheaply if/when needed. Gassers will have lower resale value. - Diesel will have a longer service life (in general), more torque, better fuel economy (though diesel is currently higher priced than gasoline, so maybe not much advantage there), and higher resale. Depends
  13. http://www.ethar-trad.com Web page shows a US dealer in Texas. Poor website, but there is some info there.
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