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  1. @GRUMPS The Towman Yeah AAA is very mundane but lately I been getting all accident calls due to the recent snow which has been amazing. Yourself and a few others commented on my skates question and these WreckMaster skates are amazing. Being a bit old (35) and getting into this industry its a good start. But once I feel ready I will take the next step into another company or something bigger. If anybody has more advice for me or things I can do please let me know.
  2. Amazing job awesome recovery and even better scene clean up above and beyond.
  3. So just to update this post a bit, myself and mainly the wife decided it was better towing for a bigger company. I been towing for AAA (insert laughs here) but in honesty its been amazing and will stick with them until a better towing opportunity comes around. I am currently, if things work out with covid about to get my CDL A in 3 weeks. I know that wont help me with AAA but its something the VA offered and why not. I start training in wrecker in about 3 months so till then I am in flatbed which I love. I have posted around here about equipment etc... @GRUMPS The Towman I got those Wreck Mast
  4. @GRUMPS The Towman, @KY Nick, @someotherplace thank you so much for the amazing input I bought some wreckmaster skates they come in this Wednesday. Feedback from all of you was very important to me.
  5. No slamming companies here just looking at suggestions so today I was using ITI skates to get a Mercedes (no override) off my bed after using soap, PB etc... thing would not move. I then snatch blocked it and got it off that way but was wondering if investing in new skates are worth it. I have been looking at WreckMaster but would like more opinions.
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