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"A Towers Prayer" written 2005


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Originally Posted to Tow411 on March 19, 2005


I have been asked many times over the years if there was a towers prayer. I'm sure there are but I've never really found one that stood out. So with pen and pad I began to write and this is what I came up with today. Emotion will move you to great heights.

Almighty God, Whose great power and eternal wisdom embrace the universe,
watch over all those in towing. Protect them from harm in the performance
of their duty out there on our roadways all round the world. We pray, help
them keep safe both day and night.

We recommend them to your loving care because their position is dangerous.
Grant them unending strength and expertise in their daily assignments.
Dear God, look after our brothers and sisters. Grant them your almighty
protection and unite them safely with their families at the end of the day. Amen

No reprint permission required

The only thing I ask is that you keep the wording the same.

Over the past few years there have been at least a couple

of those in towing that changed the words and then put

their own name on it. I didn't write this for recognition.

I ask you do not plagiarize the effort which was given.


Doug Fitzgerald tubegreen.gifsaid:

Amen Brother Ron !!!!
Very well written.


Liza said:

Now that is heartfelt, and that is real. Amen!
Great job Ron...you said it all.


Forgivenone tubegreen.gif said:

Ron, that sounds beautiful. Wow, that came out of you,...? Just kidding,... Wow, very meaningful, I'm impressed and moved by your words. Excellent job, sir. I'd like permission to copy it and put it on the memorial site in a small square alone by itself as well as your other work.


TowZone said:

Hey, it's there for all to use. Just answering a call.
This is a Towers Prayer and not a Poem. I'm not running on all cylinders lately.


annettemcd said:

Wonderful, Ron. Thanks



T & B Towing said:

Thank you Ron!

I wrote this down and planned to post it on in our office... good prayer!


gtowntigers said:

Hey Ron that is GREAT!!! Thanks hope you dont mind but I am making a copy of that and posting it in my truck TODAY. Thanks so much. We need this especially here lately with all the tragic accidents that seem to happen. Thanks so much.


JIm Lunsford said:



Karen from Cali said:

Ron, a truly heartfelt prayer.

I bought a framed Tower's Prayer one year at a Convention but can't remember it. It's at my office, I'll try to post it. It is probably very much the same, but our men and women on the roadways can use all the help they can get!



Chuck said:

Yes Ron great job. Be Safe Out There!



crazedkook said:

AMEN !!!! Thanks Ron

Jack Lawson Blue Hills Towing Quincy, MA

**Call on your local legislature to create a national move over Law**


Dan141 said:

Thank You! Ron...
Very Moving, The prayer say's it all


Mark Trueblood said:

That's a nice prayer. Thank you Ron for sharing it with all of us.


West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, FL.


Starting September 2006:

Sometimes it's nessesary to bring old posts back to the top. This is one that should stay at the top. Amen



Phillips Towing 202:




AA Towing said:

I spend a few minutes each and every morining with God, and it truly has changed my life. Come to think of it I can`t think of anything more important that I could be doing with that time, but asking for a little guidance that day. Thank You, Ron.





abctowing said:

Good job. This will be posted at our shop.


Starting June 2007


kyresqtow said:

Amen to that Ron

No matter what time of the night or the day
We answer the call and we're off on our way
Leaving family behind sometimes plans just get trashed
Could be just a breakdown or maybe a bad crash
We bear the abuse, the anger and grief
Of lives that have changed from a wreck in the street
Or maybe share a smile with a stressed out mom
Who locked her keys in the car buying groceries for home
With no respect from those who need us the most
Still we press on as we all try to cope
Dressed up like bright pumpkins as if it were Halloween
We dodge cars on the highway as though were not seen
And as we ride along in our trucks made of steel
it's so often forgot the we still care and feel
And if one of our own should happen to fall
We are reminded what it means to answer the call

Written by Dean Newsome
Steve Venable Wrecker Service
Winston-Salem, N.C.


Added November 2013:


Wisconsin Rocks:

Ron, I think you have a second calling!  Great job. 

I have seen 2 different tower's prayers at the museum.  I know I have them.  Very touching.


Unknown Member said:

Mind if I share this with our staff? I was drawn to this as soon as I logged on. Thank you Ron.


TowZone said:

Any poem or prayer posted are for all to share, will just reading them save a life. They will reach out and touch a true Tow Operator and that does raise the awareness of the dangers we face.


Steve Catlett tubeyellow.gifsaid:

Ron thank you! !!Nice Job!!


Added May 2015:


TowZone said:

Wow, it has been 10 years since this Towers Prayer was released. I really need to get it out there more as I am sure many here have not had an opportunity to be touched by the words.


5Towman tubeyellow.gif said:

This is the first time I have red it and it is awesome. Thanks Ron.


Added July 2017:


TowZone said:

It has been more than 12 years since i wrote this prayer for the Tow Operator.

Sometimes it seems like yesterday and at other times it seems like a lifetime ago.

Many of us here have spent a decade together and others only a short time. I am glad to see many screen names from the past checking back in. Some of which are no longer in the biz and others just getting back into the Towing Information Network Message Board where the discussions are more often professional.

For those who have not read the "Towers Prayer", I hope you approve. For those who have I hope it has the same meaning as it has over more than a decade.

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Beautifully written Tow Zone. I plan to have my wife write it out with her fancy hand writing so I can frame it in my office. 

I feel safe to speak for most of our brothers on this forum in saying Thank you for taking the time to write this and sharing it with all of us.

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