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Safety Gear


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I was watching Dragon's Den and a couple for guys invented a motorcycle helmet with a brake light on the back.  They inserted the sensors from a cell phone into LED lights in the helmet and when you even slowed down, the brake light on the hemet would engage at the same time as the brake light on the bike...it was impressive.


Question for all you brave souls out there - Is there an application for this with workers on the side of the road? 

A light on your actual head to try and prevent what seems to be, a pandemic of lives lost? 

Would it make you more visible?  Is it legal?

Would a red and blue light on your head be allowed if they won't allow it on your trucks?

Would something like this help?  Or would it make driver's even more distracted?










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Yep, Animous beat me to it. The Illumagear halo, Gaurdian angel lights etc.. has been around for a little bit now..I will admit, Its  Pretty awesome stuff. Although, I have been on the fence with the use of Illumination on my body. I do feel like a semi-distracted driver approaching my scene might get easilly confused if I am bopping around all over lit up like a christmas tree. Maybe the old "moth to the flame" scenario comes into play.


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Thank you for taking care of yourselves out there people.  You are not just an essential service, but you're a first responder.  You save local economies millions of dollars annually and we need innovation to protect you.


Where can these be purchased and what is cost?  I'd like to grab a few dozen as giveaways for some marketing surveys we are planning in the new year.


As always, thank you for your input.




Nevermind I logged into the website and received the info...;)


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If you look at the facts:


- Turing on Flashing lights INCREASES the risk of a collision or struck-by incidents; in some cases the risk is increased as much as 50% 

- Flashing lights ATTRACT drivers (you tend to steer towards what you are staring at)

- Lights, cones, signs, etc. are all visual distractions that increase the chance of collision or struck-by

- Most drivers don't notice lights until the last second (with 2 seconds or less of reaction time if and when they finally do see your lights). 

- They don't see your BIG trucks and BRIGHT flashing lights, which stands to reason why they aren't seeing your hi-viz clothing 

- a vehicle on the road is not designed to be safer for the road workers, it is designed to be safer for the civilian motorist (the OEM consumer). 

- Distracted or not, consumer vehicles are designed to be a safe, smooth, quiet, comfortable ride for the motorist (meaning more deadly for the road worker)

- 71% of motorists on the road have no clue what Slow Down, Move Over Laws are. 




- If we know flashing lights INCREASE the chance of getting hit, injured, or killed- why do we keep trying to put more lights on our trucks? Why are you now putting lights on your BODY? 


- If we know that people are distracted in their own little bubbles (their cars) and stuff outside of the vehicle create MORE distractions- why do we keep focusing on doing stuff the OUTSIDE of the vehicle?




- If you know you need to get INSIDE of the vehicle and get a driver's attention (which reduces YOUR risk working the roads by as much as 90%)--- Why are you not taking the steps to get INSIDE of the vehicle? 


If you want to make all your safety stuff actually work together and better, and solve this deadly pandemic- get INSIDE of the vehicle to grab their attention.. then they will be aware and attentive, then they will already be slowing down and moving over (/2 a mile upstream, before they even encounter you), and then they will finally see your lights, and signs, and cones, and clothing, as they pass by slower and moved over. 


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