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2 Car DUI Crash...

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Some pics from a 2 car we did the other night. Guy in the truck started making his turn about 50' before the street and in the path of an incoming car...





Decent mess to clean up but that's what we do...







Always something to screw up the plans...LoL





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Are the number of DUI Accidents up in your area. I ask because they are way up in our area. Possibly higher then the past tow or three years. In part it is related to narcotics, most generally Heroin laced with Fentanyl. Meth and Crack are right up there as well. Alcohol seems to fall in third place, fourth are sleepy or distracted drivers. Sometimes it's a combination causing the number of fatal accidents to be higher than normal. 

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As always, Quality work from Team Ed's...

My area's Dui related accidents are up slightly but Dui or drunk stops are way up. and yes, most are drug related. I am just a little guy tower and I am still getting at least 1 call a week on rotation for a drunk stop impound. So I guess that shows that P.D. here is still catching most of them before they wreck. I did have one nasty one last week where the guy was doped up out of his skull, Ran down through a walk path at 70+ mph and pounded into a tree.He got a life flight out with at least 2 broken femurs as far as I know. P.D. found all sorts of dope in his car.

Is it the boredom from the pandemic?? Why does this seem to be a more frequent problem all of a sudden?


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We had a busy weekend for wrecks, 8 cars total. This was a DUI on Saturday night...




Our DUI related jobs are high but it's always a typical cause for us... The rest are just a mix of bad judgement calls...






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