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  1. Good video John. Thanks for putting them out there. Rob
  2. Thank you very much Ron. I need to write that date down. And to think, I Iurked around for several years before actually joining. Tow411 gave me such an education as I grew our business. I can say that coming from a small town it opened my eyes to different techniques and ways of doing business. While I don't have much free time to spend on the forum now I am happy that it is still a resource for our industry. Keep up the good work.
  3. Ron, According to my account I joined January 2, 2018. Thanks, Rob
  4. Amazing milestone. Congratulations! Rob
  5. I just noticed this and private messaged you. Thank you very much and thank you for supporting Towforce! Rob
  6. Happy I happened to see this today! Mystery prize, very interested in seeing what I won! Hampshire Towing 650 New Ludlow Road South Hadley, MA 01075
  7. I have had great luck with Derek Dangelo at Custom Built Wreckers. His prices are very fair and his customer service is great. https://www.custombuiltmfg.com/product/fork-receiver/ Good luck, Rob
  8. Still here in Massachusetts. Business is way off. Our Governor still has almost everything on lockdown. XL shirt
  9. Pirate jokes from Readers Digest, enjoy. Arrrrgh! https://www.rd.com/funny-stuff/pirate-jokes-pirate-puns/
  10. I am here but not too often. Don't have the free time like I did years ago to log on and interact. Going on my 25th year of towing. WreckMaster 6/7 (expired but had the pleasure of multiple classes with Donnie Cruse) TRAA level 2 Statewide Towing Association certified and have assisted in multiple classes Multiple Tom Luciano classes Wes Wilburn classes HAZWOPER 40 TIM trained and certified as an instructor CDL Class A with HAZMAT/Tanker, doubles/triples Hoisting Engineers License 1C/2B I have learned a lot from the posts and mem
  11. I am happy that I still have access to this forum as well. Rob
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