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  1. pttowguy

    DodgeMotorsports Joined "January 2008"

    Wow!!.....where does the time go?? Matt's now 27 and still hangs a bit with old dad. We are both members of the Race Recovery Team (formerly Miller Race Recovery) at MIS. Matt is an engineer at FCA Chrysler in the SRT division doing engine calibration for Hellcats and Demons. Its his dream job!
  2. pttowguy

    Bill Bottoms - 8/18/1941 - 12/7/2018

    RIP Mr. Bottoms and condolences to his family, friends and employees.
  3. pttowguy

    Vulcan Lift N Tow

    I used 2 different ones, many years ago. i saw parts of one for sale locally a few weeks ago.
  4. pttowguy still here!.... .....but I'm hardly a new member!! Grrrr