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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in October of 2014: We got to use our new MatJack landing cushions this afternoon. We have used them a few times now and they continue to impress us, our customers and the local police departments. Here is a short video from this afternoon. Keen 1051 said: That's nice. John said: Very nice !!! jammer439 said: Our company purchased the first set in the Western Unites States years ago. They have returned our investment many times. They provide safety and professionalism at the scene. Be safe out there Ron In Memory of NationalAutow who said: Wow, cool, good job Fetch said: I was going to ask why the drive was supported and not the steer, but I think I figured it out on my own (Because the steer axle isn't top heavy). Is the engine weight used to upright the truck while it rests on the landing cushions? Detroit Wrecker said: Well Done Fiers Towing & Recovery said: Nice job!! Ed Barker said: I like them,,,just can't steer myself over the cost of them,,,lol. pttowguy said: I know what you mean, Ed but the payback is relatively quick. Not every roll over call is a candidate for the air cushions but almost every roll over can be a landing cushion job. county145 said: What are they rated it and do you use a regular air bag recovery compressor and valve block, or a special air block to relieve the air pressure off the bags when the load hits. I have used air bags to up right just have never used the landing bags. They do have their place in the recovery bag of tricks. Scooby said: Scott, we appreciate you posting.. and I'm glad your satisfied with our product. As you know when you purchased, cheap imitations have surfaced of said product, where they even kept dropping their price to get you to sway. Quality products aren't cheap, but they will offer you years of satisfied performance and a great stream of revenue coming in throughout the year. There's a reason the landing cushions are designed with the shape and height that they are. Additionally, the material is of far greater quality than the cheap imitations that are offered elsewhere. thanks again for sending me material for my Baltimore "Scooby's mystery theatre" hoping to see you there
  2. Wow!!.....where does the time go?? Matt's now 27 and still hangs a bit with old dad. We are both members of the Race Recovery Team (formerly Miller Race Recovery) at MIS. Matt is an engineer at FCA Chrysler in the SRT division doing engine calibration for Hellcats and Demons. Its his dream job!
  3. RIP Mr. Bottoms and condolences to his family, friends and employees.
  4. I used 2 different ones, many years ago. i saw parts of one for sale locally a few weeks ago.
  5. pttowguy still here!.... .....but I'm hardly a new member!! Grrrr
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