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  1. Alex

    Vulcan Lift N Tow

    Antone remember ...or still have... the Vulcan Lift N Tow from the late 60's....pre Cradle Snatcher but designed by the same engineer....Les Bubik.
  2. Alex

    Holmes 330

    The V identifies it as a 330 the T2 should indicate month and year of build but they do not match with build number so you may not be able to read them properly. And the 717 is the build number. The 330 was built from 1953 until 1965. Yours is likely about 1955 I have seen a serial # of 1190 built in 1956 Ours is serial #VI3-1584...shipped in 1963 ;last unit was serial #1654 in 1965. I saw the listing for the one you bought but the shipping cost was too high to get it out west.
  3. Alex

    Holmes 330

    What is serial # on the unit you picked up?
  4. Highest 600 serial # I have seen is D89BJ8505 ....so shipped April 1989...sold to Canadian government