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  1. Talk Like A Pirate Day seems like a Great Opportunity for an additional entry in our T-Shirt Tuesday Drawing. For some of you that are new this might be your first opportunity. Don't let it pass cause it ends a midnight your time.


    Post something a Pirate might say today!




    To Be Entered:





  2. Flatbed Tow Truck Crashes Into Toll Plaza On Polk Parkway

    A flatbed tow truck caused a Sunpass lane to be shut down for hours.


    LAKELAND, FL — A flatbed tow truck caused a Sunpass lane to be shut down for hours Wednesday morning as the truck crashed into a toll plaza along Polk Parkway.


    The truck driver told Florida Highway Patrol troopers that he thought he struck something along the road as he approached the toll plaza.


    The driver told troopers "he believed he struck something else in the roadway, looked for the item and subsequently crashed into the attenuator along the left side of the Sunpass lane," according to FHP.


    Florida Highway Patrol reported that the tow truck went on to strike a concrete barrier wall before becoming disabled around 6:20 a.m. west of State Road 540.


    FHP said the Sunpass lane had to be shut down for about four hours as a result of the crash.


    The driver was identified as 28-year-old Timothy D. Johnson of Gibsonton, Florida. He suffered minor injuries but was not taken to the hospital, according to FHP.





    Kudos to Elite Towing for donating their services on the corvette. I guess they were either tie up or had enough. It seems the next tow truck in this video charged for the service. I'm kinda on the fence, but I have to lean towards the donation as they got a shout out in first video.




    Does your municipality recover these vehicles on some sort of schedule. That is the ones that are not recovered shortly after they go into the water? Do you get stuck with the expense or does an agency pay the charges?


    Again, I lean towards the donation in most cases when drivers are donating their time. Perhaps the Tow Truck should find a sponsor and do their own video as well. Hmm...



    You have until Friday to pm TowZone your size and mailing address.


    * whan you see a flash drawing topic add a reply. Enter as many times as you can during this drawing which will run though the end of 2019. However, you can only win once, if your name is drawn again then it will be discarded and another member we be drawn. This assures as many members as possible receive a t-shirt. Thanks

  5. Wait till the water recedes, there is absolutely no reason to enter the water. The vehicles are already a total loss and what little fluids may leak with not be enough to contaminate the environment. The tow truck you see in this image may not be effected by this action tomorrow or next week. But it will show signs of failure within a month or two. unless the fluids are changed immediately.

  6. I can assist you in the different methods used in adding images within a post.


    However, with an understanding that you do not post your recovery photos on social media or website for customer privacy. Do you have a continued interest in entering this Recovery Challenge? Also, unless there is some sort of conflict as in a pending investigation, an pending invoice or a commercial account I find no valid reason for a customers privacy as these images do not include license plate numbers. Many contributors decide to block commercial account names based on their relationship with that commercial account.

  7. Oh and don't forget to visit our TowForce Supporters many of which believed in the Towing Information Network. These supporters both Sponsors & Patrons have shown faith through our adversity. Like a Phoenix is Reborn so is Tow411 and it's name is TowForce. Thank you and here's to the next 18 years and the next chapter.


    For now support our current sponsors a join me in welcoming several new sponsors to our network.


    When you visit our Sponsors at any Tow Event please take the time to identify yourself as a Tow Force member.


    TowForce Sponsors Exhibiting at the Ohio Tow Show


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    And be sure to stop by the Towing & Recovery Museum Booth for some great merchandise.

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