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False Sense of Security!

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OK, just because things are opening up and many of us including myself think it's rather crazy to where a mask when your not near others. Do Not Fall into a False Sense that you can either return to allowing passengers or not wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and wiping down surfaces. There is still a pandemic as much as many of us want to discount it. Fact is some areas have been effected more than others.


Instead of shutting the entire country down there were obviously better solutions in hindsight. We have learned one thing through all of this, we're not all sheep...


Suggestion: Don't Go Overboard. But Also, Don't Change the Precautions You have Implemented.


We've been offered a Condo Next Month, So I'm Going to the Beach Now I Think!

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Despite all the efforts on my part to be safe, I tested positive for the Corona-Virus.  I was quarantined in my house for 5 weeks.  I ended the practice of carrying passengers in the truck right at the beginning.  I have worn a mask and latex gloves from right from the beginning.  And I still caught it.  Yet my wife always tested negative, thank God.  I'm good now, and I have been back to work for a week.  But I have never been so broke.   It will take a long time to get caught up.  So today, I wear my mask every minute that I am outside my house. I use gloves and hand sanitizer.  I do not want to catch that again.



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Don, I need to research for any updates, but last I heard you now have an immunity to the virus. Check with your doctor, I did it you were asymptomatic and did not need hospitalization. What symptoms other that a Fever and Persistent Cough did you experience? 

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