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Re: Towing Exotics? Here's a Gimmick

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When dealing with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Roll's owners, you know just how difficult and picky they can be? If your tow business serves the, "exotic and custom", niche, I'll pass to you a gimmick that I've used for years in serving these difficult personalities.


Have you ever seen a chimney sweep do-their-thing in-cleaning your woodstove or fireplace chimney? The purist sweep wears an old-style (tails and top hat) uniform that oftentimes includes wearing white, parade style, formal gloves. For years, when I'd begin loading someone's expensive exotic or custom, I'd wear clean, white-gloves. I'd bounce confidently out of my carrier, walk up to the vehicle's owner and greet them with a solid handshake. After an intitial greet and complementary chit-chat about their awesome car, I'd slowly put on a pair of clean, white-gloves, as I began the process of carefully loading their vehicle. No, white-gloves aren't for pulling cable or grabbing chain, but at those moments when it's neceessary to enter their car's interior to shift into neutral or take off the emergency brake. The process includes a little bit of theatrics and intentional slow-moves so they'd see me handling their vehicle with, "kid's gloves", so to speak. Accordingly, when it came time to open and close doors, I'd never touch the vehicle's painted surfaces. And, when closing a vehicle's door, I'd use only my, white-gloved index-finger, in the lower corner of the vehicle's door. There's no better way to, "wow", a customer than treat their vehicle with care ... and let them see you doing it.


White, parade gloves are available on-line for as little as ten bucks for five pair (plus shipping). It's a neat gimmick intended to tug on the exotic owner's heart-strings. The gimmick is simple and costs little, but the results are noticeable and can lead to very satisfied repeat customers.  I'm pretty sure that your competitor doesn't include white-gloves as part of their service.     R.


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Randall C. Resch

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That is EXCELLENT advice !!!! I havent done the white glove routine, but I have put on nitrile gloves to handle an exotic. I also make it a point for the customer see me remove my keys and pocket knife as well as pull my shirt out and down over my belt buckle. as well as handle the vehicle gently as you stated. I also always ask permission to enter the vehicle before just grabbing the door handle and yanking. Taking the time to put a customers mind at ease can make the whole job more pleasant and productive for all involved and possibly gain you a regular dedicated customer. 

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As always, Randall and Grumps with the great advise. I use the nitrile gloves for exotics/classics, but I would also make a point to ask if there are any "secretes" to starting or operating the vehicle. I have personally found that resto-mods, classics and others, sometimes have a unique way of starting/ driving (shut off switches, hidden buttons, certain sequences of switches, etc.). 


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