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  1. Another MS tow truck driver was killed this morning. We have had severe weather in the central MS area, but the cause of the accident has not been determined. Crews are still on scene. The accident happened at the I-20/ Hwy 49 N. interchange early this morning. The accident involved another vehicle, but reports indicate the other vehc. driver will recover. The truck went over the outer wall in a steep curve on a fly-over and crashed in the median below. I don't want to release names of the company or driver, due to notification of family and other steps not yet taken. Various media outlets are dispersing information as it is released, but the towing community is a close group (we know who it was) and we ask that you pray for this man's family and friends at this time. Local news media is WJTV 12 and WLBT 3. Updates posted when available.
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