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Employee's parking Tow Trucks at home


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So I'm running into an issue with the County because I have an employee that parks the tow truck at home while on call. Does anyone know any laws regarding this matter? I can't imagine telling the police department to wait, while we go pick up the tow truck at the yard before running the emergency call for them! 

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Youll need to check with your county/township on that one.


We ran into that before with an employee... the police chief himself called us and informed us that there had been complaints of the truck in a development at night.   He knew that was our on call driver that would respond to crashes for his department.  He wasn't happy that he had to tell us that driver couldnt take a truck home anymore.  Especially since it meant that driver would have to pass thru his township to get to our shop to get a truck only to go back .... but he couldnt get us around the laws.


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Like ESC said, It all depends on your town / countys laws regarding commercial vehicles. If your operator lives in a private or gated community then their rules apply as well. I dont have issues with the town I live in but i do have one neighbor in particular that has been outspoken about my truck coming and going at all hours of the night. Luckily, from a legal stand point there isnt much Mr. Neighbor can do about it. Maybe there is a nearby parking lot where you could talk with the owner about renting a space on his overnights? If your operator is in a decent area maybe that is an option for you. In all the cases i have heard of where commercial vehicles are not allowed to be stored on residential property, it is usually a case of the law is the law and your S.O.L.


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