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I'm surprised to see no one responded to this question. Having documented more than 900+ tow operator fatalities since 1934, I believe that the greatest cause for operator fatality is towers are working the white-line side. But remember, the fatality numbers have climbed at the invent of cell-phones  and an increase in distracted, intoxicated and drug-related vehicle operations. The number mentioned (60) is an average only. Also note, when state law require that four point tie-down and safety chains must be applied to towed and transported vehicles, state law puts the operator in harm's way. The message of white-line safetyvfor all towers to fully understand and practice, but somehow not practiced, just like cops that walk and stand on the white line to make traffic stops. I think the best training to instill that safety message is by taking a free TIM course.    R

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Randall C. Resch

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The number one thing I did to get more traffic to move over for me is to implement cones, flares, and vehicle blocking. I personally feel that the public is so accustom to seeing flashing yellow lights that they don't recognize the meaning behind them anymore. Putting cones and flares out to go along with the lights makes people realize that it's not a truck driving down the road but rather a truck on the side of the road with an operator outside of the truck. That's my opinion anyway.

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We lose people to roadside struck by incidents due to the industry not making safety their number one priority. Safety is an attitude. And safety costs money to perpetuate. We have a poor attitude on safety. We as an industry accept the sixty deaths as a cost of doing business for the year. We then cross our fingers that they will not happen to anyone we know. On the same front, people whine, cry, piss and moan about the cost of their insurance premiums. But nobody, but a select few, has ever raised the fact that if this industry adds protocols to make the industry safe at the cost of the end user, the premiums people pay will be considerably lower, and the sixty deaths might possible be cut to fifteen for the year. 


We have some outstanding business people in this industry that strive to provide a great, safe workplace for their people. We have a great deal of clueless people who have the assets and ability to acquire equipment but do not have the vision that safety is paramount in this field to survive for the long term. They are concerned, but not concerned enough to take the required steps to ensure a safe workplace. They are more concerned about the loss of business they will encounter if they charge accordingly, and their charges are reflective of a safe workplace. They do not want to hurt their customers feelings, and or are too worried about someone else getting sub par clientele. Then there are the meat grinder people, the bottom of the barrel companies. They could care less about their staff. Fire one hire one is their motto. You all are a piece of work. 


We also have poor industry leadership that is afraid to step up and call people out for lack of safety. I consider myself fairly informed despite not having a television in my home for four years. I read about fifty books a year on various subjects. Nobody from the manufacturing end , Miller, Jerr Dan, or any of the other CEO's of equipment manufacturers have called for any type of urgency in discussing this issue. Motor clubs have not done so either. Law enforcement has failed as well. I am speaking of at large discussions to address the issues of safety. I hope I made somebody mad. I really do.


We as an industry perpetuate an unsafe working environment for our staff by not doing everything we can to ensure that we do all we can do. So to answer your question, so many die because so many more do not care enough to take affirmative action to prevent the deaths. 

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