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Police Officers and their Vehicles struck

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I was asked in a PM if I could report the incidents involving Police officers who have been struck and or their department vehicles. If I was asked this last year just finding the stories was a little difficult. This year their are numerous reports and the injuries are adding up quickly. While the number of deaths have not reached that of Tow Truck Operators the instances are increasing daily.


If I were to attempt to report them I would surely miss half of them. So, I will search the police related sites to see if any of them report such events.


Just to note he latest I heard was a Knoxville, Tn rookie officer who was out of his vehicle with an FTO when he was struck and Killed by a Hit & Run Driver. So Sad...

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Because intoxicated and intexticating motorists won't go away, answer me this?


With the number of police officers/vehicles struck and killed every year across the states, I question why traffic stops are still conducted on the shoulders of the highway?


Why aren't vehicle code laws changed as well as vehicle stop protocol where traffic stops are conducted off the highway?


A police officer can still write tickets by lighting-up the vehicle to be stopped, taking the first ramp, and then making the stop off the highway. Doing so suggests, the officer isn't just a sitting duck on the side of some highway's shoulder, they may have closer cover, and they can oftentimes choose an area that provides ambient lighting. 


Years ago, I wrote an article entitled, "The Perception of Fear", when police officers make stops in rural settings and the public are fearful of the police. To expect a police officer to be killed simply for the possibility of a misdemeanor citation doesn't make sense. Sure, there are are going to be bad-guys with guns, drugs and psychosis ... a traffic stop off the highway will determine the same thing. 


Comparison: The cost of a speeding ticket is around $300 versus the cost of a highly trained police officer being killed, plus a police cruiser destroyed, the cost of an investigation, the cost of a paramedic unit, responding fire-fighters, tow trucks, emergency rooms, doctor's fees, the coroner's office, and, the loss to the community. The math simply doesn't compare especially when we are tax paying citizens.  

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Randall C. Resch

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Randy, for the same reasons a Tow Carrier Operator does a full 4 point tie down on the side of the road. Rather then load the vehicle enough to get it to a safe location then complete the proper tie down. It could be the next ramp, exit, pull off etc. And just because there is a vehicle blocking traffic doesn't give just cause to take extra time. Their safety is at risk as well.

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I have often wondered the same thing, not just with traffic stop contact but also motor carrier enforcement. In several states motor carrier enforcement does not take place in relatively safe locations such as weigh stations or rest areas, rather it is conducted on the shoulder of the highway. The MCE officer initiates a traffic stop and completes their inspection with traffic whizzing by -endangering himself as well as the trucker, for a simple safety inspection.


I have been inspected in this manner several times throughout the course of my driving career, each time suggesting we move the inspection to a nearby place of safety, often visible from where the stop occurred, and each time I was rebuffed with attitude. I realize some drivers could use the opportunity to destroy evidence or alter conditions while cruising to a safer place, but most will not, and the safety of the officer, motorist and all other roadway users far outweigh any chance of this.

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