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Just a glimpse of whats going on out there

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Was driving down the local main road today and noticed one of the regional transporters hauling a couple vehicles on his 3 car carrier. ive tried to add the photos i snapped but im not sure if i did it right. in any event, there was a dodge avenger set way back on the deck, held on with the winch and one chain at the rear, and a full-size chevy pickup on the w/l backwards. secured with one strap, one safety chain attached to the tow chain loop on the pickup's hitch, and what really got my attention was the wired tag lights run along the truck only to be just hanging on the edge of the front door. in just a balled up mess and not even facing rearward. its amazing that this 'driver' ( i cant bring myself to call this person an operator)went through all the trouble to run out the tag lights to not bother to place the light heads in the proper positions across the roof of the towed vehicle. as i passed by, i could see why he didnt have the decked vehicle pulled as far forward as possible because there were 3 quick-fix wire rope clamps holding the wire ropeĀ together about 3 feet from the hook so he cant run that mess through the roller fairlead!!! at first it angered me that this 'driver 'was so incompetent and / or lazy but after seeing the condition of the equipment, the business owner is no better. Its no wonder our insurance rates are through the roof with companies and fly by night "transporters" running like this.. What crazy stuff have any of you seen out there?


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The owners as well as operators who do the right thing pay the price for those who do not. State regulatory action is a joke. It is, or should I say, has been time for there to be a standardized safeĀ operating procedure for all to follow. These operators should then be able to break away from the clueless, and I do not cares, and request bids for insurance as well as other benefits that would be at a substantially reduced cost. The group would then elect officers who would have the power to delegateĀ enforcement powers to remove those who were not complying or following safe operating procedures. It would be a privilege, of achievement, not a right. I feel that the others would be priced out of the market, or do whatever. If you will not help yourself, I have little desire to help you either.

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