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Flatbedding inoperable skid loader


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Going up-deck isn't the issue, it's getting it down. The location to drop, is there anything to anchor the tractor to while you pull out from under it? Even a pickup in a shop will do, it only needs to be heavier than the friction of the skid rubber on the deck.

There may not be a trail ahead of me ..... but there's damn sure one behind me!

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I realize your job was yesterday, but there's always another that will have this same issue, so here is another option.


One can run the winch line to a snatch at the deck end, then back to the far end of the skid (closest to the winch), have a chain hung low from the skid hook rings to hook to, that keeps the line centered; the pain is freespooling that much line under the skid and back, but it does work.


At this point, run the deck out and down to the floor, then winch in to force the skid to the rear. Ya don't need much skid track on the ground to then manipulate the deck forward at the same time as winch in, making the skid stationary.


Depending on everything - the weight of skid, your flatbeds capability, the surface the skid is being dropped on - you go for freespool, then either lift the deck tail in and slightly up in order to drive the truck forward away from the skid, or (depending on the truck/deck), you can freespool and walk the truck forward using it's own deck & wheel-lift hydraulics.


Its hard to explain in type, I hope I made that so one can see it in their mind.



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There may not be a trail ahead of me ..... but there's damn sure one behind me!

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