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Future Diamonds in the Ruff... From April 2017

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We picked up a couple of trucks for a buddy of mine that restores 77-79 Fords....


You just can't imagine how nice these will look in a couple of months....


dperone tubered.gif said:

Nice job saving them from the scrap yard. I love those trucks.


Eds Towing  tubegreen.gif said:

Some of his recent builds...


American Tower said:

Great seeing old trucks saved.
The rollback is looking good too!


Eds Towing tubegreen.gif said:

We picked this one up & tucked it in one of our shops until it is sold...


That other one left last week to it's new home in Florida...

Send me some pics and we can see? He does do Broncos from time to time. They just started the Blue/Green one from my picks now...in a few weeks it will be a beautiful ride!


wreckerman05 said:

I had a real good customer who specialized on older Ford trucks--he was a full-time truck driver but had a shop & mechanic working  on his units--I made many trips for him thru NC<VIR<SC<TN picking up trucks he bought off E-Bay----he always ran a dedicated route from NC  to Ga and one day he never returned,next day they put out a APB  for him and he was found in a truck stop in the sleeper-- corner confirmed a severe heart attack--lost a good friend & customer------those trucks you posted reminded  me of him----


mooresbp tubegreen.gif said:

Very nice


goodmichael said:

That is really cool post Ed, thank you.

They definitely do not make real iron like that today.


Kralls Auto added:

79 F250



Eds Towing tubegreen.gif said:

Kralls Nice Ride!

That multi colored 79 that I posted the pic on my wheel lift is just getting wrapped up.

This truck is so nice it could of just rolled off the Louisville assembly line! 

42677.jpeg 44351.jpeg 44831.jpegJust needs the wheel & tires installed and some minor sorting, then it's on it's way to it's new home in NJ. I understand the guy built a new garage to store it in.


Far cry from what it was ....

Project 2017.jpg


He already has his next candidate, found behind a barn...still owned by the original owner!



We mounted the wheels & tires up yesterday..... Finished product... 44911.jpeg


TowZone said:

Bet that will Scat...


Eds Towing tubegreen.gif said:

Yea....it sounds like a Nascar...LoL


A couple of final touches today and now we are delivering to the customer's home in NJ....

20171005_143612.jpg 20171005_144550.jpg




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