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Tow truck driver critically injured after being struck on I-80 shoulder (Neb.) 12.18.17


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Topic Originally Create December 19, 2017.


A tow truck driver who was on an Interstate 80 shoulder hitching up a disabled semitrailer truck was critically injured Monday when he was hit by a pickup that drifted onto the shoulder, Omaha police said.
Larry L. Miller, 70, of Omaha suffered a leg injury and was in critical but stable condition Monday evening at Creighton University Medical Center-Bergan Mercy, said Sgt. Doug Klein, an accident investigator.
Miller was struck about 1:45 p.m. along eastbound I-80 at Q Street.

Miller of Neff Towing Service had been hooking up the semi to tow it and was in between the tow truck and semi, Klein said.
A 2011 Ford F-150 — driven by Peter N. Lahti, 73, of Omaha — was traveling in the far right lane of the Interstate and drifted onto the shoulder, colliding with the semitrailer, the sergeant said. The pickup continued scraping alongside the semitrailer and tractor before striking Miller and scraping alongside the tow truck, Klein said.
Miller was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Lahti was not reported as injured.

Alcohol use was not a factor in the crash, Klein said.
Sgt. Jason Menning, another accident investigator, took to Twitter after the collision to remind drivers of the need to use greater care: “I cannot emphasize this enough,” Menning tweeted. “Please move over or slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle or tow truck.”



Follow ups from company FB Page Added:


12.19.17 - Just posting an update on my Dad. Surgery went well yesterday to stabilize his right leg and ankle. As of now only thing keeping his foot and ankle attached is one main artery in his foot. We are still in the save mode as of now. He has a long road to go!!! Thanks for all of the calls and prayers.


12.21.17 - Update,Dad is back in surgery to repair femur. Will know after surgery our options for foot. Thanks for all the prayers.


12.22.17 - Friday morning update on Dad. Surgery went well to repair Femur. Will find out hopefully today to see when amputation will take place.He would like to thank the Omaha Fire and Rescue for the quick response. Also he enjoyed the comment of them saying they were bringing a patient in with leg trauma age of 45-48.He said I wish I was that young. He said I wonder what they thought when they found out that MM Doe was 70 aka Larry Miller. Thanks for everything.


12.23.17 - Good morning, Saturday's update for this morning. Dad is doing fine. Surgery to remove lower leg and foot is set for Tuesday. Do not have a time yet. Thanks for all the cards,flowers, prayers,and thoughts.


Evening update on Dad. He's now on oxygen level was down to 79. He's now running fever of 100.6°.We are in process of moving him into different bed so he can pull himself up in bed. He's resting very well now so if he don't answer his phone that is why. Please keep praying. Thanks


12.24.17 - Good Morning everyone,the latest update on Dad is he's resting well again today. They are talking about doing surgery tomorrow now. That way they don't have to be rushed during the procedure. His oxygen levels are low again so back on oxygen. Nurse just came in and said She's 95% sure surgery will be Tuesday unless it becomes an emergency.


12.26.17 - The update on Dad today is he had great day up and visiting. He was his normal self.He's having surgery to amputate his right leg tomorrow. Tentative time is 1:30. He's going to receive two bags of blood tonight to prepare for surgery. Will keep you posted with updates.


12.27.17 - Update on Dad today. Surgeon just come in the room and told us he's on the schedule for 1:00 today for amputation. They are very concerned about infection in the lower foot area by skin flap.Just wanted us to know the concerns they're having. He told Dad that he's making the right decision.Will post update after surgery.


They just took Dad back to operating room for amputation.They said it should take two hours.


Dad just finished up with his surgery. Procedure was 5 hours. He will now be in recovery for an hour. Had a lot of extensive bleeding.They we're very impressed with how strong he is.


12.28.17 - Good Morning everyone,We have been up all night tonight. Dad has fever and is in a lot of pain. No medicine they have tried has worked to tame the pain!!!


Evening update on Dad. I got him to eat supper this evening. He has a temperature of 100.9. He told me to shut his phone off so if he don't answer that's why. He's back resting now. I'm going to go home and rest. Have been up for 48 hours. Starting to catch up with me. But it's all about Dad healing and getting back up to moving.


12.29.17 - Update on Dad today. We are in process of moving Dad to Madonna Rehab Center in West Omaha. Amputation went well. He's moving well with walker.


We made transfer to Madonna without any issues. Dad said it wore him out.He said I'm ready for nap. Nurse told him This is your last day of rest. Days here are very busy. They start at 7:00 and end at 7:00.He's in Room 140. They wanted us to communicate if have a runny nose ,sore throat or cough please don't come. They are giving him flu and pneumonia shot today. Best way to get in here is to come in South entrance and come through doors turn left and then another left and when get to nurses station turn right and come to room. He's across from next nurses station that you will come to. Visiting hours end at 8:00 because they said he's going to be exhausted after therapy.


01.02.18 - Good morning everyone, Dad's update for January 2nd 2018. He starts his first day of full rehab today. They came in this morning and unwrapped his leg and rewrapped it. Everything looks good. Therapy starts at 9 this morning and is spread out through the whole day till 4. It will be interesting to see how things go today. I will update everyone this evening.


Good evening, therapy for Dad went well today. They cannot believe how strong he is for 70. If all goes well he is planning to be checked out of their January 16th which is two weeks from today. He has a ortho appointment on Thursday at 9:30 to check on his femur and how that is doing. But as of now all is good.


01.03.18 - Update for today.Dad had therapy today from 9:00-2:30. He said I was pooped.Therapist told him he's doing awesome. Got nice little nap in this afternoon. Had great group of friends stop by tonight. He said to me this sure is a bad way to get together but is enjoying the time.He has Doctor appointment tomorrow to check femur.Will give you update tomorrow. Thanks for all the cards and prayers.


01.04.18 - Good evening, Dad's update for the day. He had check up at Doctor's for his femur and his amputation at Bergan.They we're very happy with the progress. Therapy went great.He's doing very good.They took out 24 staples from his leg.Will give update tomorrow.


01.06.18 - Dad's update for the day.He had therapy with Londa and I for an hour this morning. Had a lot of friends and family come visit today. Dad had only one therapy session with PT today. Ended the day watching the Chiefs game and playing UNO with the family!!!


01.08.18 - Good morning everyone,Dad just got done getting fitted for his custom wheelchair. Sounds like he going to get the same color as his tow truck!!!. He has therapy all day till 2:30 today. Will give another update this evening. Had lots of friends and family up here yesterday. Londa and I would like to thank everyone for everything that you are doing for my Dad and us.


01.15.18 - We are at Doctor's appointment for Dad. He's checking his stub for infection. Everything thing is going great!! He will be leaving Madonna Rehab tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning.


We talked about what if he would fall at home. They worked on that this morning in therapy and he did great getting off the floor and back into his chair.


01.16.18 - We made it home today with Dad.I would like to thank everyone that helped us get Dad home.I can't say enough about having great friends and family. Dad was shocked how everything was done when he got here. He couldn't believe how clean his house was when he came in.He took his first shower today at home and everything went well.Ramp works great and bathroom is working well. He said I got more grab bars in the bathroom than I have on my tow truck!!!


01.28.18 - Good morning everyone,Sorry I have updated for awhile. Dad's is home from Rehab. He's been there since the 16th. He's doing great. Has been staying alone at night for the last few days and things have been fine. He said sleeping in his own bed has been a dream. He wouldn't sleep in it while me and Londa were alternating nights. Told us we needed to sleep in his bed.Thanks again for all the prayers,phone calls,and cards.


01.30.18 - We took Dad to his Doctor appointments yesterday and he got ok to put weight on his right leg. As much as is tolerable. They took all the stitches out and he can now get wet in shower. We have another appointment on 2/12 for another checkup to be released from Surgeon.


02.07.18 - We started our outpatient therapy today at Madonna.Dad was very tired after therapy today. They had him standing and doing the handbike for three minutes at a time.He did tons of core work and leg workouts. We go twice a week for two hours a day until the end of April.He was up on his knees for the first time changing his weight from leg to leg. He said he could really feel the pain in his right leg before putting a foam pad under his knees.Of course he went above and beyond when asked to do exercises. When asked to do 15 reps he would do 30 reps. He kept telling the therapists all I want to do is get up and walk again.


04.10.18 - Crash zone survivor – Here's more on tow op Larry Miller, who lost a leg while working roadside when a big rig swiped his leg. "How he got my leg I don't know. But he got it."





04.12.18 - Dad got his first run on his leg today





08.31.18 - Well Dad's first tow back in his truck was a winch out of a loaded boom truck. Did everything by himself. He's been back in his truck since 8/6/18. Doing a fine job!!!




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