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Invoice Books - Where are you getting them?


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We have been using generic tow invoice books from AW Direct for years.  Called this morning to reorder, which is usually simple and found out that Zips bought our AW.  So far they cant find my customer number, order history, etc so reordering from them has been rather difficult and its the last thing that I want to be doing on a Monday morning.  I started to search around and didnt find anywhere else good.  Deluxe wants a million dollars, Nebs has merged with deluxe.  I called Areins who printed them for AW and they told me I have to deal through Zips.


Just looking for something plane like this:



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We have been part of the towing community forum here for many years and I feel confident we can assist you here with the tow forms.


I’ll reintroduce myself - my name is Bob and I own Palm State Print & Design.  We are a customer focused, high quality print shop and we pride ourselves on these core values.  We specialize in printing custom carbonless forms, however that is only a small portion of what we do.  We can assist with any printing requirements you may have, so please ask any questions, I am here to answer them.  There is never any obligation to purchase with our company, and I’m always available to offer advice and guidance for anything print related to anyone.


Now back to the tow invoices.  All our carbonless forms are custom printed to order, so we can pretty much do anything you like on these, printing your company details, logo, etc and make modifications to the form design itself. Even though everything is custom printed for you, I feel our prices are still extremely competitive.


I have linked a picture here (at the end of this post), showing the five main tow templates we have. Again, keep in mind, we can make any changes to these you like, such as adding a box somewhere or changing the list of services as common examples of changes we are asked to make.


We offer special pricing to all Tow Force members; you’ll just have to mention the forum here when you order.  Regarding pricing of invoices, we offer the forms loose or in books, from a quantity of just 1 book, 50 invoices all the way up to 400 books, 20,000 invoices in 2-part carbonless to 6-parts.  We can also print on the reverse side of the paper if you have T&C's or other state requirements you need printed on each invoice. Pricing per book does vary with quantity as the larger the order, the more volume discount we can apply, however we never want you to feel obligated to purchase more than you need.


These are the main factors that vary the price for the forms and the questions we will always ask to be able to get you an exact quote.


  • Invoice size (most tow forms are half page, 8.5” x 5.5”)
  • Quantity of forms
  • Number of parts, 2-part, 3-part etc.
  • Colors for printing:- 1 color, 2 color or full 4 color process
  • Sequential invoice numbering e.g. 00001, 00002, 0003 etc.
  • Forms to be made loose or in books


As always, we have no obligation pricing and anyone wishing to have a quote for printing of these tow invoices, please reply to the thread with your choice of options from the above and we’ll let you know a price asap. 


Just to give everyone an idea of our pricing, 20 books (1,000 invoices), 2-part, custom printed in single color, sequentially numbered, made into books & delivered to your door - $199.95.

I am always very keen to ask the members here about your print needs, what custom products would make your lives easier and help your business stand out?  So, I invite you to also let me know here, what products do you use the most or really want to, have but just can’t find?


Hope that helps, any queries or anything else I can do to assist you, please let me know.


Thank you!





Palm State Print & Design  -  From business cards to billboards, we print it all!
(321) 281-6867 (M-F 9:30 - 5:30 EST)  info@palmstateprint.com   http://palmstateprint.com/
1101 Miranda Lane, Ste 131, Kissimmee, FL 34741
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I appreciate the feedback, Zips/AW never got back to me, and I was down to 1 book left (of course i forgot to reorder sooner).  I did some searching and no one had much in the way of what i wanted yesterday.  I actually spent about 2 hours searching online and calling print companies.  I was amazed how many put me on hold and never picked up, or how many didnt reply to my email.  Anyway, this morning I found http://compuprintusa.com/. 

They happen to be close to me.  I ordered online and they called me within an hour to confirm and all.  I only ordered 2000 to get me by.  For now, we will see how they are and go from their.  It was $425 shipped for 2,000 of what i posted above with my info on the top and a small tow truck logo, 3 part.


If they dont work out, Ill be looking back here for other options.



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