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Insurance for the yard dog?


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03-30-2005: Mark Wrote,


My insurance now excludes all dogs period. Now matter how big or small, or if they are trained. Does anyone know of insurance for dogs. It seems silly, but in my state if a thief gets injured (including dog bite ) while burglarizing my business; I am responsible and will get sued.


Steve said:

Thats a damn shame. seems like theres something wrong with the system when someone committing a felony can sue the victim. Someday, one of these dirtbags is going to figure out its better just to fall off the fence and sue instead of actually stealing something.


Ronnie said:

You need to teach the dog to kill the burglar, dig a hole, and bury the body in the yard. That will eliminate the lawsuit.... lol...
Be sure he digs the hole big enough to fit the lawyer.


Don said:

Do yourself a favor. Get rid of the dogs. I had dogs at one time. After a few dogbites, my insurance company at the time told me to get rid of them, or they would get rid of me. Get rid of the dogs and let the thieves pillage the yard all they want. The liability of that is less that paying for a chunk out of some fat lady's ass! The last fat lady's ass that one of my dogs bit cost my insurance company $10,000


Ronnie said:

Mark…you may want to look into razor wire…Check the laws in your area…..We were having problems with theft all the time until about 8 years ago when we installed it on the top of all our fences and gates. You won’t have to shovel up behind the dog anymore.


Mark said:

Thank-you for the advice. Unfortunately, razor wire in my area requires special permits. Only prisons and detention facilities qualify.


But, I have been training the dog to dig holes and bury the intruders. Only problem is for some reason my mechanic is missingeek.gif .


I think that insurance companies have cowered in the wake of BS law suits. They will continue to reduce their coverage's and limit their exposure while raising their rates. I wish that I could do that too. I would start out by doing what my contacts pay me to do. Then, I would only show up and not tow the car, ( God forbid that could be a risk.) and of course rise my price 20%emoticonthud.gif . Then, I won't show up anymore, I'll just answer the phoneemoticonphone.gif , ( Got to reduce the risk exposure even more. ) and then increase the price another 20%. Finally, I won't answer the phone anymore and just expect a check in the mail every month for doing absolutely nothing, and I'll charge an extra 20% then tooemoticonthud.gif !
I think I'll just get an alarm system and take the dog home and make him the family pet . Do you know of anyone that offers dog insurance on a home owner's insurance???; Because mine won't take on the riskemoticoncussing.gif .

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Like the payphone in another topic, this is another one we have not seen in years. Dad, misses his yard dogs something terrible. He has his dog with him sometimes and we do carry insurance as long as the dog isn't running the yard without a lead. He doesn't leave dads side so there isn't an issue. Every year Insurance Agent says he will not be able to add the dog to the policy and it renews anyway.


Anyone else deal with having a dog on the business property. When we had them after hours, no one broke in to the lot. Someone did poison the neighboring companies dog, we did not have that happen. Then again they only ran to the fence if someone tried to get in. Dad said the drivers were not scared of the dogs back then. But, then younger drivers began to have issues coming in after hours.


Who remembers having a Dog loose after hours?

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I have never had a yard dog.

I live on the same property as the company is.

We do not have a security fence either, just a 4 foot tall wooden fence, across the front only.

Our pet dogs, a pair of golden retrievers, are anything but viscous, and except everyone to pet them.

My home owners insurance doesn't even cover my pets biting someone, so thankfully they wouldn't.

Insurance rates rise, coverage drops, and most days I wonder why I pay for insurance at all.

Save the premiums in an account instead, and use that to pay if need be.

Now I have a motion detector that dings if someone walks or drives down the driveway, and 6 security cameras. Put in a gate across the driveway in 2012 finally, and close it if we are all gone, or after 6pm.

Something getting stolen from the yard is a low priority I hate to say.

A bigger concern is someone getting hurt in the yard.

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