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First Snow...

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The 1st snow of the season always cracks me up. People seem to forget that we live in the mountains at high elevation and it snows here... We got a inch or two but it creates complete havoc in all the same places...





Always the same set of poor tires and even worse decisions that lead up to this...but it's never their "fault". "The roads were slippery...like a sheet of ice!"....Yea...snow tends to do that...




This was a 2 car the following early morning...left overs from the "storm".... 😁

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We have had an influx of wealthy people moving here escaping the city since Covid, my new frequent flyer is the Tesla S in the snow. They wonder why their Tesla doesnt handle well in the snow when on steep snow or ice covered roads, "But its all wheel drive". Well its 5,000lbs which makes gravity take over on a steep grade, has low rolling resistance EV tires which are hard as rocks & work similar to sled rails in the snow when sliding down a snow/ice covered hill, low ground clearance for riding up on the snow drifts...Perfect!   

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Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island

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1 hour ago, Orcas Tow said:

We have had an influx of wealthy people moving here escaping the city since Covid


 That is literally the definition of the "Pocono's".... We never saw those type of cars in our area though until recently. We were just discussing the other day my Service Writer saw 7 or 8 of them "plugged in" at one of our local grocery stores on a Sunday.


I have never drove an EV car but I can't imagine 700+ Ft Lbs of torque @ "tip in" is good for navigating snow & ice either?.... LoL

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