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Subaru UNDER Guardrail??

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At approximately 12:30 on a sunny Tuesday afternoon I received a call from the Keene PD to respond to the scene of a vehicle crash on Rt9 West. The officer on scene requested I bring 2 trucks because the car was under the guardrail.

Because I am a one-man operation, I called Rob at Bob’s West Swanzey Garage to bring his wrecker to assist. The first attempt to recover the car by just pulling it from beneath the guardrail was unsuccessful because in addition to being under the rail it was also hooked over the fenceposts that it had dislodged on its way to its stopping place. If you look closely at the front-end picture, you can see the tie-down loop hooked over the post.

At this point Rob backed his truck in at about 90 degrees to the guardrail & car and lifted the front of the car enough so that I could winch it out from under the rail and onto my flatbed for transportation to my yard.

Thankfully the driver was not seriously injured in the crash and stated that a mechanical issue had pulled the car off the road and under the guardrail.

For a small operation it is good to have friends who, even though they are competitors, are willing to help occasionally when needed.

1-crash 1.jpg

2-crash 3.jpg


4-IMG_1386 (002).jpg

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Great Images, hoefully you got some of the recovery as well. But, I understand if you didn't as I get busy as well. So, he pulled to the side of the road as he was doing what, about 70mph. Cause that is quite a bit of gaurdrail he took out. Lucky to walk away without injury, as many guardrails I have seen do far more damage. Not that the Subaru isn't total, cause it is.... The Good is he doesn't have to worry about the mechanical issue. The Bad is he will likely have to pay for that guardrail.

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I thought that was actually how you park a subaru if theres snow on the ground. From the wheel that slips to the other wheel that slips. The salesman told me this car would go anywhere. Well from the picture above they found ANYWHERE.. 

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