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Giannas Towing:Towing is a lifestyle!

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No front safety tie downs and one tie back on the decked vehicle, piss-poor maintenance with the "sticky" valves, Siezed up or smashed -in crossbar slides that need to be bashed out with the L-arm, twist the shit out of the straps and dig the d-ring into the ratchets, Just put the 4-ways and a 'Electric flare" On cause you know, Tow lights are expensive and Being the stoner, pot head I am sure he is, He forgets them all the time... Throw a "big J" good n tight with no real slack as a "Safety chain",.... Then Just drive it right off over your wheel grids... Oh, Wait, you left the 4-ways on while you towed it down the highway and killed the battery.... Works JUST like Most of the fly-by-night bozo's around here... Only do Half the effort to get the car off your deck the right way, Just drive her right off slow so the bumper just drags "a Lil Bit... And you know, ANY of those holes in the frame are A-OK to throw those "different Hook thingys in.... And I Quote "The vertical ones are for the T ones....Maybe... I think"..... Are you F&#king Kidding me..... Then just "roll her off.... Who cares if we know the brakes are good, bad or indifferent...

This guy is a clown....Yet I am sure There are plenty of new guys out there who are taking this crap all in like Gospel... It HAS to be legit, It is on YouTube.....

The viscous cycle continues....

And BTW, How is it his truck has a 26,000 Gvw (according to the sides of his toolboxes) Being a 5500 Ram with the exact same Jerr-Dan unit on it as Mine??? Am I missing something??

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Ya we all have to start somewhere I get tons of love and support off my channel! And have dedicated lots of time and resources in bringing awareness to slow down move over to entertain and help the new guys get there foot in the door grab some popcorn because I’m not going anywhere I’m just getting started my guy! 🪝💪 screen shot full of thank you’s from my community because I give people hope and inspiration I wish you well we all where green and new at one time but I get better every day this is fuel to my 🔥!! Must be easy to talk trash behind peoples back without me being able to defend my self! But it’s all good because you watched it and you tube pays me 💰🪝💪 I wish you well and I forgive you! 😉


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