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My New Company...


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Topic Originally Created by showtime93 August 28, 2012.


I have left University Towing in Gainesville Fla. I bought Tri-County Towing & Recovery in Chiefland Fla. I have one rollback and a 12 ton medium duty I am looking for a heavy duty. It is a small company with so much potential, this has been a long time coming. For those that don't know me, I have been in the business for 20 years. I started with Lyons Towing in Lake Park Fla, then worked at Kauff's Towing in WPB. I was with University for the last 10 years. Any good advice would be appreciated.   



Harvey Spencer
Cell- 352-672-8486


ibflat2 said:

Good luck Harvey, things will go good.


hookn4alivin said:




Fredstowing said:

Best of luck!Welcome to the world of ownership.



mooresbp said:

Good luck Harvey


svcmgrnow said:

Good luck Harvey, maybe you could bring a former co-worker out of retirement to help you, he seems to have a lot of free time on his hands. Right Scott?


ptttowguy said:

Congrats & good luck on your new endeavor!!  

Your previous work exposure and experiences have all lead you to this point.

Surround yourself with the best people you can find, and you will be successful!




Miracle 1 said:

Good Luck to you Harvey........Because of your experiences, You're going to make a awesome owner...Best advise I can offer is to do as you have your entire career...Play it smart in every decision and don't take unnecessary chances and you'll do great....If there's any way I can ever help,You know the number...Kenny



MTA415 said:

Way to go Harvey!!! "Advice???" you don't need advice from us, we need advice from you!!!! You know this game inside and out, you'll do fine. Gee, I wonder who's gonna train your HD driver when you get it?


Brian Bell Said:

Cool Deal...   I saw a post of yours the other day and noticed it said something other then University and thought....That's Strange. 

Some of the Best Advise I got when I started was ...  

Now that you are in business for yourself you will have family & friends coming out of the woodwork wanting this and that etc...

He then told me if I was going to make it in business I would have to make money off my friends & family.   He then said that's right

in order to stay in business you will have to do it on the backs of your friends and family.... CAUSE YOUR ENEMIES WON'T CALL YOU!!! 



bigtow00 said:

Congrats Harvey! I'm sure you will do great with it


getuone2x said:

Good luck Harvey!!! Congrats.


unknown member said:

Brain Bell........ that was some of the best short advice i have ever read just bc ive had that happen to me starting a small single truck company!!!

Best of Luck to you Harvey!


Ian Tomei said:

BE safe and make some money...Ian Tomei


RaymondAutoRepair said:

good luck Harvey.  to make it in the business world. " just pay attention to your BUSINESS " and go to work everyday, even when you think there is no work!!!!   you won't get the call if nobody is at the shop to answer the phone..........    words to live by..


twinbulls said:

Good luck.... congrats.... now the pain train begins...... save ,, save stock up on parts...tires,oil, filters,
You worked for a couple of the best tow companys out there.... so you seen alot ....do it better and you will do well...

Tim Ward


mushspeed said:

Good Luck Harvey  and happy hunting.
The customers will soon come ....... when they know they can rely on getting the job done !!! Its all about quality service,
Equally a business can be won or lost in the office,  just like sitting on the potty......The job's not finished until the paperwork is done !!  

Good Luck from your colleagues across the pond.



Best of luck to you Harvey.  I am sure you can do anything you put your mind to


Heavytowman12 said:

Haven't seen Scott post the last couple days maybe he's packing  Good luck with your new business !


SP8000 said:

Well it looks like Jason beat me to the punch on the same thought!  Call up Scott and tell him to come out of retirement and get back to what he loves. 

Jeff Leavitt
86 Towing
Gabriels, NY


mark said:

Take care of your equiptment. Every one notices that..  I think having a color scheem helps tremendously. You get more brand recognition.Know your cost....Just because you are turning money dosen't mean your making money. And last but not least...save,save,save. One day you will need it. Good luck!      Mark


Tri-State Collision
Eufaula, Al
WreckMaster # 071464


showtime93 said:

Thanks everyone,It's going good.There are some days that it is slow and other days that it is busy.I have picked up some motor clubs and some local shops.Iam still looking for a HD wrecker,I think thats were I"ll pickup some work.This area is rual and the closest truck is 50 miles away.


Harvey Spencer
Cell- 352-672-8486


In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said:

Congratulations Harvey from Connecticut.... wishing you the best of luck.

Danny Cassello
East Hartford, CT


Capptow said:

Scott is retired from towing. He works for the Red Cross in Asheville NC driving the bloodmobile. i have talked to him several times about coming to work for me. he said he enjoys not having to get up at 2 am anymore.


Nicole Spencer said:

I am a really happy wife now that Harvey has settled into his new position as owner/operator. We are blessed in this business and its growing fast. Customer service and reputation and the ball is rolling. As for Scott we miss him


towbear said:

Congrats and hopefully one day I can join the ownership club.


gtowman said:

Best of Luck..



lantz70 said:

my advice....run the company, don't let the company run you. Take time to have a life.Do not be afraid to make money.Sell service,not price.anybody can be cheap,very few are the best....Lastly,do not focus on what your competitions doing.focus on your objectives.

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