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Another Rollback Refurbish Complete - 07 International


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Just finished a full refurbish on my 07 International Extended Cab Rollback. We took this truck out of service nearly 5 years ago with 385,000 miles. It became a "back burner" project but finally came together. I had this truck built in the spring of 08 w/ a 07 pre emission chassis because I didn't trust the MaxForce engine that was replacing it...






It ran fine but had "blow by" which is typical with that many miles. I should of moved it before it got that high but when my wife got sick, I didn't spend any money... So we either had to sell it as a high mileage "beater" & get beat up on it or make it in to a premium truck so...






We removed the body, media blasted the chassis & suspension & shot the frame in acrylic enamel. We disassembled the engine & overhauled it w/ all OEM parts. Replaced the timing covers due to a leak and a complete "In-Frame".





Installed all new wear pads, hose track & lighting. We refurbished the aluminum body repairing all of the stress cracks and re-plating the rear of the deck...







Flipped it back over & slid it all back together...






We ended up having to replace the ABS Pump Assem. & program all of that which was costly. I think all International's have the ABS light on at one point or another but I wanted it right so it got new sensors, new brakes , e-brake components & cables. New bumper & head lights to give her a nice "smile"... New tires...and repaired / insulated the cab. Even replaced the engine cover so it would be quite in the cab.


As we were nearing completion, we had a shop that tried to buy my 15 before we traded it on the new Peterbilt but couldn't make it happen. So he dropped a large deposit & agreed to a modest price for the truck. I explained that I knew it was high based on the "numbers" but it would be a reliable, pre-emission truck with nothing untouched. We told him we would paint the hood because I didn't want another truck running around in my colors so he asked us to do the fenders in his color...





Everything worked out in the end and the truck went down the road nice. I think he should be able to get some good years out of it with basic maintenance....










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