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"Sort Of Rolled Over" Boom Truck

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Got a call the other day from a guy who was a little excited for a Boom Truck that was "Sort of rolled over, or is going to roll over"...




There were 3 or 4 workers on the roof when the driver attempted to load a pallet of shingles up there. The left outrigger tube snapped and he saw the truck start to go so he swung the boom to the left and let the load crash on the ground...





The truck laid on top of a dump trailer parked in the driveway...




Snapped the outrigger right off...







The truck had relatively little damage considering the situation and we were going to try to keep it that way. The obstacles to me were there was very little room to get where I would of liked to be. I couldn't get along side of the truck without damaging a lot of landscape and the Orchard type tree next to it so I decided to work from the tail...but wasn't happy about it...





Blocks in my lines (dealing with unknown weights and rate of decent), I rigged a chain around the frame in the rear to help preventing the truck from coming back at me. The second line was ran through the drive axle wheel with a loop strap & two "bones". I had no way to know the tipping point of the truck and what it would take to set it back down being the boom was extended 30+ feet out the left side and a pallet of shingles hanging on the end. Once I knew I "had it", we unloaded the pallets off the truck & boom...





Once unloaded, the truck still had more counter balance weight off the side & wouldn't set down. I had Eddie come down with a small wrecker to get in the neighbors driveway & give a little tug. My main concern was still how fast that it would fall and not being able to control the majority of the weight from where I was sitting...




Wrapped a strap around the outrigger to "strong arm" it down...




It still wouldn't tip so I re rigged the one line from my lower leg, back up to the chassis to pull down...




Ironically it set down like a baby carriage. Once back to "Earth" we started the truck and set the boom back in to the cradle. The truck was prepared for transport back to our facility...






It had a pretty good "lean" coming home because I think the front spring was Hyper Extended. We towed it to the customers body shop facility about 90 miles away the next day. I decided to pull the shaft and front tow it that far.




Overall a nice job that went well.


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