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Heaping Snow Mound...

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Got a call the other night from a customer that had a disabled Explorer parked on the side of his property. The Township told them it had to be removed because it was on their Right A Way.  We went up with the Plow Truck & Wrecker to dig it out...




I had to shovel the corner a little to find the boundaries. Once the rear was accessible, I did the same thing to another car in his driveway. Then while Eddie recovered, I plowed the driveway & yard to put these vehicles in...





Luckily it had a hitch so we didn't have to fuss too much getting it hooked up...






On to the next...



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We get at least 1 car hit by a plow truck in the county every storm in situations just like this one. The car gets plowed in by one crew then the next shift comes along and doesnt know its there because the first crew buried it. They go in to make a deeper cut and SLAM!!! 



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Yea that little truck has worked out good. It gets used every day in this weather. We have used it on a number of accident clean ups as well. It's great for plowing our property as well. The V plow is very versatile. This is our second one and I'm glad I didn't go with anything else. We just took another strait blade Fisher from my shop truck and modified it to hook on the Skid Steer...






I got to get hoses & fittings made up on Monday but I think it should work well.



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