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Miles per gallon

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Looking to add another truck to the fleet and I'm welcoming opinions on mpg. My hino 195 2 car rollback averages 10.3mpg over the last 10,000 miles. Not bad in my book considering I don't drive for economy. I have gotten over 13 with it by limiting the speed to under 55 and shutting it off when parking but 55 gets old fast. That is the average of loaded, unloaded and idling yea when it's 2 degrees I let it idle and I go 70 on the interstate. The truck is underpowered for the hills around here. I'm looking at 4x4 f600 or chevy/international 6500 4x4 diesel. I've heard stories about 14+ mpg with the 6.7 powerstroke but I'd like some real world numbers from owners who actually hand calculate. The four wheel drive would really add productivity because I tend to decline jobs when i have trouble getting out of my driveway. That little hino is light empty. 

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I know it is not a Chevy or IH but My 17 Ram 5500 4x4 / flat bed averages 8.5-9 mpg. Like Animosus, A fair amount of Idling/ high idle (pto). 

The one thing I have noticed is my numbers really dont change. Loaded, un-loaded, doesnt seem to matter. 

I do a lil better in the summer with less aggressive tires and less 4wd use she will avg 10 mpg.

I too am in a very hilly /mountainous region and I am never lacking power with her.

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