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It Just won't Go She says.....

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Took a call from one of my regular repair shop customers yesterday stating they had a customer way out in the back country who told them that her Honda van "just stopped going" and when she pressed the gas pedal, the light on the dash would start to flash. Now, both the tech at the shop and myself were kinda leaning towards maybe a mis-fire issue or something given her vauge description. The driver left the van there and caught a ride back to town. I was not super familiar with this road but I did know where it was so I headed out to get it. It is a steep, poorly maintained road but doable in any vehicle with decent tires. When I got up to the van, I began loading it up and as I got down to place my rigging, I caught a glimpse of the "tires".... 

Turns out, there is NOTHING mechanically wrong with the van.... The baloney skin tires werent up to the task of climbing this steep grade and the "flashing light" was the traction control system shutting the van down because she was just flooring it, trying like hell to get moving.... The T/C system is probably the only thing that kept her from loosing it and going over the bank and down the mountain "The HARD way"....

After all these years, it STILL amazes me how some people are simply this ignorant and continue to travel around here with crappy or worn out tires...

I loaded it up and brought it down the mountain to the repair shop. I hope and pray they can sell this woman some tires...




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I got a few yesterday too, everyone of them had tires like that.  One of them was a Subaru Forester and the guy couldn't figure out why he slid off the road rounding a corner because he had 4wd.  I pointed to the tires and politely told him 4wd doesn't matter with worn out tires.


stupid people get stupid prizes

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A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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