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Insurance dumping in NY state

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I was just told by a large insurance company that they are going to abandon a vehicle at my lot instead of paying the towing and recovery charges.  I've always been told that insurance dumping is illegal in NY but I can't find the law.  I'm trying to get a hold of ESTRA to no avail.  Thanks! 

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To my knowledge, It is Illegal and they wont do it. Sounds to me like they dont like your bill and are trying to wiggle out from under it. Now, with that being said, they can file a grievance with the state if they feel that your charges are very inflated, or your gouging so be sure to have everything documented and broke down to reflect what you have actually done and what your charging for. I had it done to me once by those clowns at All State on a real nasty fatal and as soon as I faxed over all my rates, documentation and even the pics I had of the lengthy recovery and clean up work, the state investigator promptly told them to pay me. Long story short, they were grasping at straws on that whole wreck because they were gonna loose their a$$es on that one all around.

The main game they play with me from time to time on the big jobs with big bills is claim that they will only pay x amount and the rest would have to come from the vehicle owner. Its a pity party ploy to try and get us to lower our bills for them. I tell them I dont care who pays what, As long as it is paid. Not to be heartless, but I run a business, not a charity. So far, I have called their bluff every time and the bill is paid in full by them and the vehicle is removed. 


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Grumps has a good point.  Allstate loves to tell me that they cap all towing, recovery and storage bills to a total of $1,000.00.  That means that there is now often an overage.  But they can't settle on a car without the car, especially if money is owed on a loan.  They are a bully and rip off their customers with lackluster coverages.


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