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  1. I love my Ford's headlights. We have lots of deer out here so it helps a lot. I do feel sorry for all the people constantly flashing their lights at me though. By the way, is there a harness from the switches someplace that we can tap accessories into or do we have to go right to the switches? I have some unused switches in the overhead console that I'd like to put to use.
  2. I'm just wondering what this unit is approximately worth. 2007 Peterbuilt, 475hp Cat, 18 speed, 120k miles with 144" underlift fully equipped. It was built new as a wrecker. I'm looking at it and am drawing a blank at what it should go for. Thanks! http://towingequipmenttrader.com/category/434/Integrated/listings/233/2007-Peterbilt-378-VULCAN-V70-35-Ton-Heavy-Wrecker.html
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