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  1. Bald Hill Automotive

    Newer Ford F-series Overhead Console

    I love my Ford's headlights. We have lots of deer out here so it helps a lot. I do feel sorry for all the people constantly flashing their lights at me though. By the way, is there a harness from the switches someplace that we can tap accessories into or do we have to go right to the switches? I have some unused switches in the overhead console that I'd like to put to use.
  2. Bald Hill Automotive

    2007 Peterbuilt with V-70

    I'm just wondering what this unit is approximately worth. 2007 Peterbuilt, 475hp Cat, 18 speed, 120k miles with 144" underlift fully equipped. It was built new as a wrecker. I'm looking at it and am drawing a blank at what it should go for. Thanks! http://towingequipmenttrader.com/category/434/Integrated/listings/233/2007-Peterbilt-378-VULCAN-V70-35-Ton-Heavy-Wrecker.html